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The Experience of Being on the Land Rover Catamaran in the Extreme Sailing Series Sydney

Yesterday I had a chance to experience two great adventures; one was ride in a Land Rover going over a high obstacle course, which I thought wasn't even possible! The other was to sail in the Land Rover catamaran, as part of the Extreme Sailing Series.

Image: Instagram

I took a couple of videos via YouTube Caputure of the obstacle course, including being inside the car. It looks scary but actually seemed effortless (that’s because John who was driving knows a thing or two about Land Rover). That's him photobombing the first video too.

After that little adventure it was time to do some sailing. I have done a fair bit of sailing in the past, including racing, but I’ve never actually been on a racing catamaran. Once we were fitted into the wet weather gear and life jackets, we were taken out on a hovercraft, and that was a lot of fun.

Deb Carr & Christopher Haggarty

Because there were six guests to sail on the Land Rover catamaran, we had to split into two groups. Two people transferred to the catamaran and the other four of us stayed on the hovercraft to follow the catamaram. Once the passengers were safely on board the catamaran, it took off, and boy did it take off! We had trouble keeping up with it and these hovercrafts can go very fast. I’m in awe of the skill it takes to be able to sail a racing catamaran, and especially in competitive racing like Extreme Sailing.

Photo Credit: Lloyd Images

After a while it was our turn to board the catamaran and once on we were instructed to a safe place to sit. I’ve only sailed on yachts and I’m used to hard surfaces so I found the net on the catamaran quite cumbersome when we had to move, and it hurt my knees. I noticed one of the sailors had some abrasions on his knees so it wasn’t just me being a wimp! The speed of the catamaran was incredible and I loved it. To witness first-hand the experience that these people have has given me a whole new outlook on sailing, and I can see the adrenalin rush that it must give those who do it for a sport. Needless to say, the wet weather gear was very much appreciated because water was splashing everywhere. Once back on deck it was time to watch the last race on an amazing Sydney afternoon.

Land Rover is one of the main sponsors of the Extreme Sailing Series.

Slide Show Images from Lloyd Images


Now in its ninth season in 2015, the award-winning and adrenaline-fueled global Series has given the sport of sailing a healthy dusting-off. Bringing the action to the public with Stadium Sailing, putting guests at the heart of the battle and dramatically increasing the pace on the water, the creators of the Extreme Sailing Series™ have set new standards, both in terms of high level competition and sporting entertainment.

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