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The "Other" 50 Best Things To Do in Sydney.

The team at YELP have given us their new list of the "Other" 50 Best Things To Do In Sydney to share with Sydney Chic Readers. It's a great list and worth checking it out.

When most people think of Sydney, images of the Opera House, Bondi Beach, and the Harbour Bridge come to mind – for locals and tourists alike. While they're great, there's so much more to Sydney than these iconic sights.

That's why Yelp put together this list of the "Other" 50 Best Things To Do in Sydney. Most folks may not have heard of these spots – and that's exactly why we think they're worth checking out! The list is a great inspiration for locals to explore the lesser known parts of their hometown and a great guide for tourists who want to get off the beaten track.


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