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Best Pubs in Sydney: The Royal Cricketers Arms

I have discovered one of the best pubs in Sydney! In fact, I’m so in love with this hotel I am tempted to even claim it as my favourite pub in Sydney, probably anywhere to be honest.

As much as I love my city, I’m a big country girl at heart. In fact, nothing makes me happier than being out in the country, and I love big old-fashioned country pubs! I’m talking about the Royal Cricketers Arms in Prospect, and I know it's not in the country, however it certainly has that country feel and friendly vibe. Built in 1880 this hotel is full of character and history, and I’m here to tell you very good food! The pub was built to service the workers who worked on building the Prospect Reservoir (pictured below).

I live in the Inner City and rarely get to go out to Western Sydney, however I was recently invited out to the Atura Hotel Blacktown to review the hotel, and as part of the agenda, dining at the Royal Cricketers Arms was down for dinner. As I always do, I had done my research prior to turning up, and I was very keen to visit the Royal Cricketers Arms Hotel.

We arrived for dinner and were greeted by the lovely Kristell! Kristell gave us some history on the hotel, and I couldn’t help myself, I just had to ask if there were any ghosts in this historic hotel! Well it turns out there are! I’m a bit psychic myself actually, and I could definitely feel a presence, but friendly!! I do love a good ghost story!

We were shown to our table and offered drinks, which I chose sparkling wine and Andrew had a beer. We were very impressed with the hotel, and there is a massive dining area outside. I noticed the atmosphere was really family-friendly, relaxed and I seriously wish there was something like this in my area!

Dinner was fabulous. We started with a Garlic Loaf, which was beautifully presented with a very soft rye bread. It was served on a wooden breadboard with a piece of newsprint that has jokes, recipes and Australiana! Here is one of the jokes that made me laugh:

Q: Why did the monkey put a piece of steak on his head?

A: Because he thought he was a griller!

Our friendly waitress for the evening was Veronica, who also shared some of the history of the hotel with us, and her own ghost story!

Andrew had a New York Style steak sandwich. He thought the beetroot relish really made it! It was served with chips and fresh rye bread and salad. He gave it a big thumbs up and there wasn't a crumb left on the plate.

I opted for the Fresh Salmon with Lemon Mashed Potato. Again, a beautifully presented dish that tasted amazing. I like my fish to be well-done and it came out exactly as I had asked for it to be cooked. The lemon with the potato was the perfect match with the fish. It also came with an olive tapenade and tomato salsa that made the dish very interesting as well as delicate leaves on top.

We couldn’t fit in dessert!

For those who like to cook their own BBQ you can choose a selection of meet and cook on the large, and very clean BBQ.

This really is a hidden Sydney gem with its picturesque surroundings, nice background music that is not too loud so you can actually have a conversation without shouting.

Thumbs up 10/10 as far as I’m concerned. I’m really looking forward to winter, to visit for a Sunday lunch when the fires are roaring inside.

Address: 32 Cricketers Arms Rd, Prospect NSW 2148

Phone:(02) 9622 6498

Disclaimer: We dined as guests of the Royal Cricketers Arms. Thank you for having us.


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