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Best Restaurants in Sydney: Zebra Green Cafe

I was invited by Chef Shane to come and try out the new premises for Zebra Green Café in Bondi Junction. It was one of those hot summer days in Sydney and we arrived at the restaurant just before the skies opened up to deliver one heck of a storm. Actually, I really liked it because we were sitting in the garden area under the tin roof so the sound of the rain falling delighted me.

Zebra Green has three eating areas; inside, outside in the garden and upstairs is a funky retro lounge/bar area.

Once settled in with our glass of wine it was time to try the food. At time of writing the restaurant is BYO however should be licensed in the next week or two with the option for guests to still BYO.

Shane’s focus on food is all about flavour, and I’m here to tell you he delivers on that! Shane has years of experience and originally trained with Raymond Blanc. He also creates a range of sauces, pickles and chutney that are so popular he supplies them to various pubs around Sydney.

We actually had a taste of many dishes, and in the end had to decline anymore because we simply could not fit anything else in!

Hand cut chips, triple cooked, 3 sauces $7

These were delicious and served with the homemade sauces I mentioned above. The chips were almost like roast potatoes and seriously good.

Sticky, smoky BBQ Wings $12

These were fantastic, probably best I’ve ever had. The wings are a good size with lots of meat. I have to warn you, they are messy but I didn’t care because they tasted so good. Shane kindly shares this recipe on the Zebra Green website.

Corn fritters, smashed avocado, smoky apple sweet chili, $9

These were a nice little treat. The fritters combined with the avocado and chili make for a nice combination.

Homemade dips, smoky eggplant, roast beetroot, tomato, rocket, crusty bread $11

The dips were served in cute little jars and tasted fantastic. A fabulous dish to have before a main meal.

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Slow roast duck leg, honey glaze, watermelon, slaw, mint & cashew nuts $19

OMG! This dish was amazing, what a fantastic combination. The duck was tender, tasty and it was a really nice mix of flavours. I’ll be back for that again!

By now we were done, even though Shane wanted us to experience more.

Personally, I think the food is fabulous and very reasonably priced. I really enjoyed eating at Zebra Green in Bondi Junction about 5 minutes walk from Westfield.

82 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction. 02 8021 7330

DISCLAIMER: Sydney Chic dined as guests of Green Zebra. We only publish reviews that we generally enjoy, if we don’t enjoy we just prefer to not publish than criticize.


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