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Sydney Chic's Video Tour: My City | Your Guide

By chance a while ago I met very inspirational women, Mikella Lowe who publishes a fabulous blog, The Digital Age. At the time I was having a coffee with one of Sydney Chic’s contributors, Stephen Mobbs, when Mikella happened to hear me talking about my blog. As it turns out, we got chatting and the result of that chat is this video and story below.

The Digital Age is all about living life in style, inspiring people and redefining the way we feel after 50. Focusing on fabulous everyday people, The Digital Age shows that numbers shouldn’t affect the way you live, dress or think.

The video was made to showcase Sydney, and also to demonstrate the power of content marketing.

I can’t thank Mikella enough for the work she put into producing this video.

Video and Photo Credit: The Digital Age

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