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Don't Have Time for Healthy Eating? Try Nutrition Station.

Nutrition Station is a franchise with a wide range of innovative healthy products including: High Protein Pancakes, Healthy Food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners), Organic Coffee, Superfood Smoothies and NU Bowls. They also offer a home meal service (NU Meals) cooked fresh in store that can be delivered (or picked up).

I was invited down by the owners, Elie and Daniel of Nutrition Station in Darlinghurst to try out their menu. First things first, these two guys are great! Their friendliness and cheer is infectious! I actually discovered the Darlinghurst cafe through a rather eccentric friend of mine, Daniel Bird (I still don't know if that's his real name lol), who suggested I check out the cafe. So on a beautiful Sydney Autumn Saturday morning I strolled down Oxford Street to the new cafe in the recently renovated Oxford Square.

The menu is awesome with a wide range of nourishing, healthy and tasty food. I had trouble deciding so Elie suggested I try the Protein Pancakes served with mixed fruit and sugar free maple syrup.

Yes! That's my pancake stack. (Photo Sydney Chic Instagram).

And yes they tasted as good as they look.

By this time my friend Daniel Bird had wandered into the shopping centre and spotted me so he joined me and introduced me to Victor, a local character from the area who was also dining at at the cafe. Elie and Daniel then joined in the conversation and we ended up having such a great time, and I realised that it doesn't matter where you live, community is so important. That's the vibe I get from Nutrition Station in Darlinghurst - that they are very community minded as well as having great customer service.

Daniel told me he starts at 4.00 am, he's the chef so has to start food preparation early.

The menu consists of healthy hearty wraps and burgers, pasta, all day breakfast, smoothies and healthy desserts.

The boys weren't content with giving me this fabulous breakfast they insisted I take home one of their home-made 'nu meals'. The concept here is you choose protein either 100g for ladies and 200gm (suggested) then add some good carbs e.g. brown rice, sweet potato fries and greens of either vegetables or salad then choose a sauce. The meal is then sealed and ready to take home for dinner.

Elie Left - Daniel Right

With help from Elie and Daniel I chose, lamb, mashed sweet potato, roasted vegetables (zucchini, red capsicum, eggplant), green beans and Tzatziki.

After my dinner was packed off I went home with a big smile on my face after enjoying a very pleasant morning and meeting new friends. Lucky for me I didn't have to cook dinner in the evening and I heated up my lamb meal and enjoyed it with a glass of shiraz! Perfect!

To find a Nutrition Franchise near you visit

For more information on Daniel and Elie's cafe go

Shop 4, Oxford Square - Cnr Riley & Oxford Sts Darlinghurst.

02 9283 2190

Some questions I asked Elie and Daniel:

Why did you buy into this franchise?

We bought into this franchise as we both enjoy cooking and being fit, we loved the idea of a café which sells healthy food and promotes healthy lifestyles in comparison to other cafe's who sell food drizzled in oil.

What makes you different from other quick service food venues?

Our food is grilled fresh, no oil, no additives just light marination's using natural ingredients and spices.

I loved my lamb, sweet potato and roasted veggies take home meal; is this commercially prepared in a factory or done on the premises?

We are glad you asked that Deb, we actually cooked that fresh and vacuumed sealed it as you enjoyed your coffee and pancakes in our store.

Tell me about your mum?

We are very family orientated, so mum helps us prepare healthy foods, salads, yoghurts and helps us cater to the vegan community with baked falafel which she makes herself, she is up at 5am every morning making sure everything is fresh.

How can we stay healthy in this fast-paced environment in Sydney?

Controlling unhealthy habits and always thinking of future problems, time management and meal prepping.

Give my readers one tip to improve their health?

People are misled with the illusion of healthy food being dry, boring and annoying to prepare, it is honestly so easy, and if you cant do it , that's why we are here, we will save you the queues in the giant supermarkets and keep your kitchen clean by preparing your meals and sealing them for you, they last up to 4 days if kept refrigerated and they are fresh!

What makes family important?

Family is something that you cant choose in life, so to us our family is everything, we are a family owned business who work from our heart, family is important as it creates an unbreakable bond and it drives us to work harder everyday as we are surrounded by genuine support, family is the backbone to our business!



DISCLAIMER - I dined as a guest of Nutrition Station Darlinghurst, my policy is if I like it I post and if don't like it nothing gets said or written.

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