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Forget Sending a Bunch of Flowers; Send a Brewquet Instead.

I recently came across a great Sydney business called Brewquets where you can send a 'bunch of beer" (or cider) to someone you care about! I thought the idea was really great so asked Anna Jackson, who owns the business some questions on how she came up with the idea.

Why did you start Brewquets?

The ‘a ha’ moment struck me clear as day. I wanted to send something thoughtful to my husband without breaking the bank, and the options were dire! I had just given birth to our first baby and found myself in the ideal position to kickstart an idea. I had time. I had the motivation to be my own boss. When enough friends and family told me I was onto a winner, I just went for it!

I love the packaging; what made you decide on hessian for packaging?

I wanted to create something that felt like a ‘bouquet of beers’. So I took inspiration from bunches of flowers and gave it a twist. I wanted it to be simple, yet special. Rugged, and re-usable. I studied as an architect in a past life, so I had a lot of fun designing the packaging and playing with different materials and forms.

Where do you source your products from?

Brewquets feature a mix of Australian made craft beers. So far I’ve unearthed brews from all around the country - from Matso’s brewery in Broome, to Sample Brewery out of Melbourne. Sometimes I repeat brews based on requests. As long as they’re craft, and local, they may just feature in the next round!

What has been the response so far from your business?

Overwhelmingly positive. The day I launched I didn’t expect more than the obligatory order from my mum. Well, she did send one (to her accountant of all people!) But then someone else ordered one. People have gone out of their way to congratulate me and say really nice things. And to those that have, thank you. It’s kept me going during those ‘holy s##t’ days that are bound to happen when launching a business.

What advice have you for other entrepreneurs?

Always consider who you’re taking advice from. Ask yourself: are they your target audience? What’s their expertise? Do they actually want me to succeed? Don’t let one bad comment throw you - unless it’s valid. Then treat it as useful data.

The highs are high, and the lows are low. Strap yourself in and be prepared for the full gamut of emotions (sometimes all before 10am). Test your product with the smallest budget possible, and be prepared to shape it.

Where do you hang out in Sydney?

If it’s a crisp day, my husband and I love a good old ‘Paddington potter’, ending the day with a half-pint, ok, full pint of Speckled Hen at The Lord Dudley. When the sun’s out, it’s all about dunking ourselves in Neilson Park or Icebergs. Best motivational quote?

Dan Weiden: “Just do it.”

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