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Things to do in Sydney: Cocktail Master Class Li'l Darlin Surry Hills

I was invited down to Li'l Darlin in Surry Hills last week with a few other bloggers to try out their Cocktail Master class and it turned out to be a fun couple of hours. On arrival we were greeted with a cocktail of choice made by the Master himself, Kuba.

Following a bit of chat with each other it was time to start the Master Class. How it works, is guests gather around the bar, and watch Kuba and Vit demonstrate how to make each of the cocktails. Now don't worry we didn't get pickled because we actually only had a sample sip of each of the creations....... OK I admit I might have taken more than my fair share on some!

I was rather in awe of Kuba because every time I looked at him he reminded me of Ragnar Lothbrok from The Vikings...same mannerisms. That's a compliment by the way Kuba, I'm a huge fan of Ragner and The Vikings. He has a good sense of humour too.

We tasted a range of cocktails including one that had pink fairy floss on it! Bit sweet for me but apparently a big seller at Lil Darlin. My favourite was the coffee Martini - that went down well and it was one of the ones I had more than my fair share of.

Following the demonstration it was time to create our own cocktail. Thinking I'm pretty creative, I decided to make my own version of a Hendrick's Gin cocktail. Someone should put me straight on my actual cocktail making abilities because it wasn't the best.

By the end of the masterclass I was getting rather hungry and out came the food! Calamari, Peking Duck Pizza, Arancini Balls and Prawn Pizza. Boy did I scoff down that Peking Duck Pizza it was sensational, as was all of the food. We were sampling a range of the menu as well.

So if you are looking for things to do in Sydney, then book yourself into Lil Darlin's extremely popular Cocktail Masterclass.

This class is suited for 8-25 guests and is completely entertaining and interactive.

$59 per person includes: • Drink on arrival • Cocktail introduction and demonstration from Lil Darlin's Cocktail Connoisseurs • All guests create 1 cocktail each behind the bar • All guests enjoy 1 signature cocktail • Gourmet pizzas for the whole group Call (02) 9698 5488

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