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Sydney Restaurant Review: Rengaya Japanese BBQ

If you love Japanese cuisine like I do, then you can't beat Rengaya in North Sydney. Situated at 73 Miller Street (cnr Blue) it's very accessible. The first thing that I loved was the entry; walking through the flags at the door into a very "Japanese" restaurant.

The staff are attentive and polite and Raf and I were looking forward to savouring our Japanese BBQ. But first things first; time for an authentic Japanese cocktail Fresh Squeeze Chu-hai Cocktail 15.50. I chose Grapefruit as my 'squeeze' mixed with the Japanese Vodka and soda water. Very refreshing. There's a bit of exercise involved here you squeeze your own fruit!

Moving on, our hostess Yuri, suggested we try the Premium Wagyu Sashimi 23.90 - 38.80 Now I'm told this is the only Japanese restaurant in Sydney that serves this dish, and I won't lie to you I was asking myself if I could really eat raw beef? To be honest, I'm not a big meat eater but to be fair to my hosts I could not refuse one of their popular dishes. So I dipped my extremely fresh premium wagyu sashimi rolled around some finely sliced onion into my soy sauce with a little fresh garlic. I was surprised with the flavour and I actually had another try, but that was it for me. I'm glad I was adventurous, but it is not something I'd probably have again. I can image that those who love wagyu or sashimi would appreciate this delicate dish very much.

Following our sashimi it was time to cook up a storm at our table! The bbq was lit and we were given an explanation of the different cuts of meat Premium Wagyu Amusement 49.90 for two (Ox tongue, oyster, loin, rib, rib finger). Again, I have to say, there was one cut that wasn't really appealing to me; ox tongue! Our bbq cooked very quickly, and it was nice having the warmth of the flames on this cold winter's night. The wagyu was tender, and the different textures were noticeable. This was served with lettuce leaves with the idea that you wrap your piece of wagyu in a leaf to eat. I liked that!

We also placed a tray of marinated garlic in the middle and watched as that sizzled to be added to our sauce or meat for extra flavour.

By this time the restaurant filled up quickly, and it seems very popular with the Japanese so that's a good sign! My sister-in-law is Japanese and she had already told me that this is a favourite restaurant for bbq.

For our vegetable dish we had a Bibimba 17.90 a a stone pot hot pot with seaweed, egg, rice, vegetables, and chilli cod roe. This dish is mixed with some together and is an unusual combination of flavours. It's quite filling and the first time I've ever had Bibimba. Perfect to have with our wagyu.

Of course you can't have a good Japanese meal without a decent drop of Sake! I really enjoy Sake when dining at Japanese restaurants and this was a perfect way to finish the night. I enjoyed dining at Rengaya and looking forward to going back with my sister-in-law some time soon.

Sydney Chic dined as guests of Rengaya however this does not influence our opinion. Please read our full Disclaimer

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