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What a Find! White Truffles Discovered in Australia.

Truffle Hunting

Truffle lovers and gourmet foodies will be thrilled to hear that Gourmet Life’s caviar king and truffle importer, Josh Rea, this morning found an unexpected surprise on his truffle hunt. Taking the trusted truffle sniffer dogs out on a truffle hunt in Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges, Josh's find will go down in foodie history because for the first time in Australia, white truffles have been found! It's a treasure of truffles! Australia is known for black truffles, while the white and more expensive variant comes exclusively from Italy, France and Croatia. White truffles from Peidmont go for $10,000 a kilo, while Josh’s Australian ones will go for $4,000 a kilo. One of the white truffles he found today weighs in at a whopping 96 grams! Earlier this week Josh imported truffles and Chanterelle mushrooms from overseas.

Below is a pic of TV chef Manu Feildel getting some from his shop yesterday, and above; here’s Josh with the truffle sniffer dogs this morning.

Manu Feidel and Josh Rea

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