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Sydney Restaurant Review: Margherita's Vinoteca

I was invited down to Margherita's Vinoteca in World Square to experience the restaurant. As my regular readers know, I often do reviews on my own; mainly because I can concentrate fully. Another reason is because I like to see how comfortable I am eating alone in a busy restaurant, because not everyone likes doing that. Well I can assure you that at Margherita's you will be comfortable dining alone, because the staff are attentive and the atmosphere is buzzing with happy diners.

What I love about Margherita's is there are different sections of this venue: the main restaurant (Margherita Vinoteca) the 'bistro' (Margherita & Co) restaurant where you place your order at the counter as well as the 'hole in the wall' where you can purchase great coffee and pastries on the run. Soon Margherita's will also have a dining area outside so it will be almost like a 'mini village' with fantastic Italian dining. FYI the restaurant surrounds the Bronze Bull in World Square.

On my arrival, I was warmly greeted by Michael (pictured here with the delightful Monica in the Bistro area of the venue after I had lunch). Before I knew it I was relaxing with a glass of Nua Proseco. Perfect for a lady dining alone at a Friday lunchtime! To start, I ordered some dishes from the Salumi 30g per serve range 9. This is a menu designed to share so you can order as much as needed. My choice was San daniele proscuitto, fennel and black pepper salami and from the Fromaggi 50gm per piece 12 I ordered the 12 month parmigiano reggiano. This beautifully presented platter came with grissini and flat bread with quince paste and a lovely spicy chutney.

No I didn't eat all! But I could of it was so tasty, however I have a waistline to protect! This assortment was a fabulous combination of meat, cheese and condiments that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Next I indulged in 2 Sydney rock oysters with limoncello dressing 3.5 each. These were fresh, and the limoncello dressing made for the perfect combination.

I finished with Burrata, fried zucchini, mint, basil oil and balsamic 18. Oh wow! What a sensational mix of flavours. The zucchini was very finely sliced and had a little crispness to it, and when I opened the burrata it was like a match made in heaven. Fresh comes to mind! A marriage of flavours also comes to mind.

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By now the restaurant had filled up! Tables of happy diners were relaxing and obviously looking forward to the weekend (check out these smiling faces below who let me take their pic). I also observed the music was upbeat but not intrusive; I liked that because there is nothing worse than overbearing music.

Margherita's World Square

Once I finished eating, Michael took me over to check out the bistro side of the restaurant and the takeaway. The pastries looked amazing and here's Anna (below) who will give you a big smile when you order your morning coffee.

As I said goodbye to Michael, I spotted a friend of mine, Rami, who I hadn't seen for a long time. Rami told me that he's a regular at Margherita & Co because the food is good and he enjoys the layout of the restaurant. His delicious bowl of Spaghetti arrived so I took a photo of it before I left (top). Looks fantastic, and according to Rami it is!

I think Margherita's is a fantastic dining experience and one that I'll definitely be going back to. The menu for the Margherita Vinoteca is designed by former Swine & Co chef, Robert Taylor, and it is quite impressive!


I'd like to thank Margherita's for hosting me for this review. My reviews are an honest opinion of my experience and are not 'bought'. Please read full DISCLAIMER.

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