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Sydney Hotel Review: Holiday Inn Potts Point - Sydney

There are a lot of reasons to stay at Holiday Inn Potts Point - Sydney, and it's not just because it happens to be in my neighbourhood. This is a Four Star 'family friendly' hotel that is clean, and super convenient. It also boasts a fabulous bar and restaurant. Many of the rooms have views that are priceless!

The hotel is situated close enough to walk to the CBD, and is next to Kings Cross Station so you can quickly go to Bondi Junction or the CBD. Speaking of Kings Cross; when I lived in Manly, I never came over here; I was too scared (true). I laugh at this now because I've lived in the Darlinghurst (Oxford Street area) and Kings Cross for over four years and I love it here. It is actually a very much tight-knit community and I've never felt threatened living here; quite the opposite really.

There are many attractions around this area, and you can find them all here on this page of Sydney Chic - Things to do in Potts Point, Elizabeth and Rushcutters Bay.

I haven't actually spent a night at the hotel because I don't need to; I live in the area and I've had many meetings with the Management team as well as having a personal guided 'famil' tour of the rooms and premises. I can certainly say I would recommend Holiday Inn Potts Point - Sydney to anyone looking to stay in clean hotel in a fabulous location, close to so many things to do in Sydney. This hotel is is really family orientated too. Did I mention kids stay and eat for free?

The photos above showcases one of the more superior rooms. I love this room! If I could have any choice where to spend New Year's Eve in Sydney, this room would be on the "Wish List". The bathroom is almost bigger than my apartment :) .... well not quite, but you get the idea.

I also checked out the smaller rooms and some of them have amazing views of Sydney and the Harbour Bridge. All the rooms are very deserving of 4 Star.

The Holiday Inn Potts Point - Sydney has a gym in the hotel, or if you prefer to go across the road you can buy a discounted pass for $10 to Fitness First, which is a very popular gym in this area.

Sirocco is the restaurant and bar at Holiday Inn Potts Point - Sydney. They even provide a map of the area so tourists can plan their day. I have dined here, and I will continue to do so as a local. The kitchen is New York Style where patrons can watch chef cook and also observe the cleanliness of the area.

Below are a number of photos that I took when I enjoyed a fab meal at the launch of Sirocco. I have a lot of time for the Management of this hotel and their vision going forward.

Click the image to expand. Photos were taken in dark light with iPhone.

For more information visit Holiday Inn Potts Point.

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