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Leona Edmiston Designs Accessories for Fancy Cats

I recently attended the unveiling of a premium collection of bespoke limited edition accessories (Fancy Feast) for cats and their owners, designed in collaboration with Australian fashion designer Leona Edmiston. Leona is one of my favourite designers with dresses made with beautiful fabrics, cuts and are perfect for travel.

Being a cat lover herself, Leona has designed some glamorous accessories for fashionable cats using exclusive prints taken from her 2016/17 Summer Collection.

The Fancy Feast® Classic Collection collaboration is perfect for those felines who like a little luxury with many options, from beautiful bowls to fabulous beds.

I asked Leona some questions regarding this campaign and here is what she said:

What were your initial thoughts when Purina suggested this collaboration?

With Fancy Feast, my dream has always been to see the prints used across different applications, so doing a range was a no-brainer! I immediately thought it was a great idea, very fun. I love anything to do with the home and making our home environments beautiful. Plus, as an avid pet lover, it’s an exciting project to be part of.

When you are making a design, where do you get your inspiration from? Usually the print is my starting point, from there I try and envisage how the print would look in different shapes, the woman I’m designing for and how it’s going to fit in with her life. I take a lot of inspiration from my customer too, I’m designing for her, to fit in with her life.

How long did it take to create the designs for Fancy Feast?

About six months! I met with the team, we went through the summer range and all the prints in it, then selected the prints that would work bests for the accessories. We then worked through each product and chose materials and colours and sized the prints to the right scale.

What’s your number one style tip?

For me, confidence is the best accessory. If you feel confident and comfortable with yourself, you can go out and conquer the world! I always think a woman is her most attractive when she’s confident.

Did the cats behave in the photo shoot for this project?

Yes! They were angels. The cat we used for the photo shoot, Jeunesse, was one of the cats at our recent launch event, she’s just wonderful, so compliant, so happy to sit and relax.

The Fancy Feast® Classic Collection has been inspired by a variety of eras, from 1880s French botanical florals to 1960s style bold, electric clashes of colour.

Accessories in the collection include:

• Printed collars

• A premium cat bed

• A throw pillow

• Elegant food bowls

• A silk scarf for cat lovers to enjoy

Accessories are available while stocks last.

The collection has been created to both delight and reward cat owners. Each purchase of a Fancy Feast® Classic Recipe can will reward consumers with one point. These points can be collected and then redeemed for various accessories in the Fancy Feast® Classic Collection by Leona Edmiston.

Fancy Feast® Classic Recipe cans are available in Woolworths, Coles and Independent supermarkets nationally, as well as leading pet stores.

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