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Plate2Farm - Track The Origin of Your Organic Ingredients

For those who love organic produce and have an interest in the origin of your food there is some good news for you. Kialla Pure Foods have an app (Plate2FarmTracker) where you can scan the packages of your organic produce and trace back to where the grain originated from. To coincide with this great app Kialla Pure Foods have released the Plate2Farm Recipe Book, packed full of recipes from famous, local and inspiring chefs.

The Plate2Farm Recipe Book was developed after the success of the Plate2Farm Tracker. The Tracker has the ability to trace any product by Kialla Pure Foods to its original source and was developed due to an increased interest by consumers wanting to know where their food came from. The Tracker will reveal how the product was milled, treated and stored. I think this is very cool especially as you can see the 'faces' behind the product with photos, information and video.

I met the owners of Kialla Foods at the launch of the recipe book and a big round of applause for this great concept. The launch was hosted by Chef Enrico Sgarbossa at his popular restaurant Al Taglio in Surry Hills.

The Plate2Farm Recipe Book is free to download at

To track the products download a Q code or jump on the website above.

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