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One of my most favourite things I do when I visit Nabiac to see my daughter is to go to the monthly Farmers Market. My daughter, Emma, who has her own blog about nutrition tells me it is her highlight of the month, she just loves the country friendliness, freshness of the produce, and mingling with the farmers and locals. I too, love being in the country with the locals and looking at the newly harvested fresh fruit and vegetables, home made jams, plants and other delights. Actually they even have hens and chicks for sale at this Farmers Market! Every time I come home to Potts Point there is a drastic change of scenery! Oh yes, as soon as I step out of Kings Cross Station there is a very different vibe from the tranquility of the countryside, and don't get me wrong, I love that too. There is one saving grace though when I'm back in 'the hood'; Harris Farm Markets! I visit the Potts Point market most days to buy my fruit and vegetables.

The philosophy of Harris Farm Markets is that nature dictates what we should eat in different seasons, so when seasonal fruit is in abundance it goes on special. That's why you will find so many great bargains with this greengrocer. There is something else I like about shopping here, and that is when fruit and vegetables that are imperfect don't get thrown out; you can purchase these perfectly edible items at a cheaper price.

There are also many unusual items to purchase for example, even little violet petals to decorate meals, which is something my daughter, Emma does a lot for her blog.

Harris Farm Markets deliver fresh fruit and veg from the markets every day and hunt down specialty products from artisan producers all over the country. That's what I love about this greengrocer; it reminds me of being in the country shopping with Emma, who I don't get to see that much living so far away. I guess I have an emotional attachment to good old fashioned country living and especially a deep respect for the farmers of our country and the food they supply.

The herb section is always a must 'stop and smell' for me. Especially mint and basil. There is something about herbs and their gorgeous colours that makes me feel like heading straight back to the kitchen and whipping up something healthy and delicious to eat. I'm especially fond of adding fresh mint to my morning green smoothy.

Harris Farm Markets are not the new kids on the block, having been established since 1971 when David Harris
 opened a single fruit shop in Villawood in Sydney’s west. This family business have 22 stores across Sydney and NSW and 1500 employees!

I also love discovering the gourmet products that this greengrocer stocks and looking at the range of fresh quality meat and seafood on sale.

The only problem I have shopping here is resisting to buy another plant for my apartment every time I'm in the store; especially the range of beautiful orchids that are on display.

The other temptation is the range of fresh flowers! All these products come straight from the Sydney Markets so for those who can't make a trip out to Flemington you can experience the same at your local Harris Farm Market if you are lucky enough to have a store in your suburb.

The grocer offers a 5% savings off your vegies when you become a 'friend of the farm' a program you can easily join by visiting the website www.harrisfarm.com.au. On the subject of the website there are lots of great recipes too so check that out.

Finally I bring my produce home to display, but it gets eaten pretty quickly. I'm lucky I live only a couple of hundred metres from my local store so I just purchase daily what I need. If you are not lucky enough to live near one of the stores then you may live in an area where you can shop online and have delivery.

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