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Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney Launches Rather Royal Gin

Rather Royal Gin

I recently attended an 'instameet' as a guest of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney to tour the herb gardens on a discovery of herbs used in the Garden's - Rather Royal Gin. The tour was conducted by Jimmy Turner, the Director of Horticulture. Following the herb tour our group headed up to the launch party to sample some gin cocktails.

Premium Australian artisan spirit, Distillery Botanica Gin, in partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, have created a limited-edition ‘Rather Royal Gin’ using botanicals grown in the garden, and it was these herbs that we had the pleasure to smell and learn about.

Proceeds from sales of the Gin go towards the Garden’s conservation programs. Botanicals from the famous Botanic Garden’s landmarks, such as the Rose Garden and Spring Walk, were chosen to create a rare collection of 1,000 handcrafted bottles of well-balanced gin which explores the essence of the iconic Sydney destination.

Distillery Botanica’s award-winning Master Distiller Phillip Moore worked with Jimmy Turner, to select the best flora for the gin including Pope John Paul roses, mandarin leaf, lemon verbena, horehound, curry leaves, lovage and chamomile. Moore spent months refining the gin through the thousand-year-old technique of enfleurage to cold-extract their perfumes, producing a highly-aromatic, drinkable equivalent of a visit to the Gardens themselves.

Rather Royal Gin is available for RRP$129 from, selected stockists and over the bar at the Botanic Garden Restaurant.

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