Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club - Sydney; Chickens and Whisky Are Taking Over in May

Growing up, one of my favourite things my mum cooked was Scotch Eggs. Now for you those of you who were not born in the UK, like my good self, (I’m actually Welsh), Scott Eggs are a popular combination of boiled egg wrapped in meat, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried. My mum cooked her Scott Eggs in sausage meat and passed this traditional recipe down to her only daughter! Not that I’ve made them for years I must say. I know, really wicked but so much flavour!

So when I found out about a pop up bar dedicated to Scotch Eggs and whisky was coming to Sydney I was keen to find out how on earth Scotch Eggs and whisky are actually a match.

The Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club is popping up in Sydney throughout May. I’ve been told the Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club pays homage to the unique and truly delicious combination of whisky and the coveted Scotch Egg. Seriously? I would never have thought these two as a pair and I was soon to find out for myself at the launch last night.

The bar is intimate and has a very UK feel to it. It was a bit of a 'blokey' event I must say, but that didn't stop me really enjoying myself, especially as I had Mark from @IWASREDDOTTED with me to take some pics so I wasn't wandering around alone. I am so thrilled to see bars like this popping up over Sydney and I believe we are heading to be quite a cultural city so watch out Melbourne!

So, why chickens? Tommy Dewar, son of John, the founder of Dewar’s whisky, was a charismatic man known for his wit, and more importantly his two obsessions; whisky and chickens. While producing one of the finest whisky’s the world has seen, Tommy bred pedigree chickens that produced some of the finest eggs that were ever laid.

To help put the Scotch Egg on the Australian map, Mitch Orr, head chef from ACME has created the menu, with his unique style being blended in. I tried only one Scotch Egg made with eggplant and it was seriously good. I would have loved to tried all of them but we do have the issue of our weight to consider! I also tried the chicken wings and I don't think you could ask for more; whisky cocktails and chicken wings. Perfect!

"It's been an enjoyable challenge to partner with Dewar's Scotch Egg Club,’ said Mitch Orr, head chef at ACME. “Taking the humble Scotch egg, traditionally a picnic snack for the Brits, and flipping it into something with a unique personality. We've created four different flavour combos, each a unique variation for Sydneysiders to enjoy with Dewar's whisky."

For the enthusiasts at heart, there will also be masterclasses where you can learn a lot more about whisky. Here, you will have the opportunity to try all the Dewar’s blends (12, 15 and 18 years old) as well as the distinctive and award winning single malts that are used to create them. One of those single malts being Craigellachie – home of the Best Single Malt in the World 2017.

Lead by some of Australia’s leading whisky bartenders, participants can experience a serving of Scotch Eggs and a dram of matching whiskies. Tickets for the whisky masterclasses will be $30, with sessions from 4pm – 5pm on Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays. The bar will then be open (no tickets required) from 5pm to cater to your egg and Whisky needs.

My verdict? Go try it! Such a great vibe, great food and of course fabulous whisky.

Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club - Sydney:

Address: Laneway between 152 – 156 Clarence St (directly across from Baxter Inn and The Barber Shop)

Date: 3rd May – 27th May (open Wednesdays – Saturdays nights)

Cost: General admission is free with a complimentary sample of Dewar’s 12 year old on arrival. No bookings required

Whisky Masterclass: $30 pp (plus booking fee), tickets can be purchased here

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