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Restaurant Review: IZAKAYA Yebisu


I had discovered IZAKAYA Yebisu when I was reviewing the Fraser Suites Sydney and this was my restaurant of choice to dine at that night. I don't mind dining alone and was happy sitting at the bar watching the chef's hard at work. I enjoyed it so much that it was time to revisit!

IZAKAYA Yebisu is an authentic izakaya-style Japanese restaurant conveniently located at the heart of the Sydney CBD right next to Town Hall and the QVB!

I love this little part of Sydney "Regent Place" it's funky and has such a great vibe and a very distinctive Street Stall feel as you would find in Asia.


Ordering is done in a self-service way with an extensive menu and drinks list for diners to browse through and decide what they want to order at their own leisure. The restaurant also has daily specials and the specials board is very cool. Typical quirky Japanese which I love.


I like how clean the restaurant is and the open kitchen where Chef's are busy preparing authentic Japanese meals.

Now on to the meal.


Tempura Prawns. One of my favourite of all tempura, and these were presented beautifully without a heavy oil feel or taste. It's worth noting that all the dishes that we had were served with some sort of green leaf salad so there was no shortage greens. These prawns had a lovely light sweet sauce that I thought made the dish quite special.

IZAKAYA Yebisu Regent Place

I love Spring Rolls when and these ones that we ordered were tasty, crisp and not too oily. Served with a nice sweet chilli sauce and some lettuce and tomatoes.

IZAKAYA Yebisu restaurant review

Pork Gyoza Sushi Rolls. Now these were different! We thought we had ordered Pork Gyoza but we accidentally ordered these little beauties. This was a good thing! An unusual way to eat Gyoza and we really enjoyed these. Again more greens, the rolls were served on Japanese mayonnaise (which I am not a big fan of) topped with preserved ginger and an elegant garnish. I liked how the mayonnaise was a bedding for these rolls and not spread on top of them.

Miso Eggplant

I can never say no to Miso Eggplant and IZAKAYA Yebisu did not disappoint us. As you can see from my photo it was tender, with a lovely sticky but not too sweet Miso sauce. A winner for us!

For lovers of Sake, the Sake cart comes around every 30 minute with a wide range of Sake including some very special and expensive brands. My sister-in-law is Japanese so I have had a good education on all things Japanese and I love the culture and people.

We had these dishes, two glasses of wine each (x 2 of us) and the bill came in at under $70. Excellent value for such a vibrant restaurant serving fabulous food.


Izakaya Yebisu is also part of the Washoku Lovers community of restaurants, this ensures that experienced Japanese chefs and the food culture is kept authentic. You can also sign up and become a member of the Washoku Lovers community, entitling you to discounts and benefits from various stores around Australia

This meal was independently paid for.

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