Sydney Walks - Barrangaroo, The Rocks, Botanical Gardens, Woolloomooloo to Potts Point.

Sydney is a city full of beautiful and interesting places to explore. Today I decided to do a walk from Barrangaroo to the Rocks, Circular Quay, Woolloomooloo and ending back in my suburb, Potts Point. It took me two hours, and that's without stopping for anything other than taking some photos.

Starting at Wynyard I took the tunnel and walkway through to the Barrangaroo shopping precinct where you will find David Jones and an abundance of coffee shops and restaurants.

It was Sunday morning and I found the place a little quiet and because the sun hadn't set over the west the area was covered in shade. Most of the restaurants were just getting ready for lunch. I decided not to eat there as I wanted to get on my way so I followed the road to the Barrangaroo foreshore.

Despite the wind, it was a beautiful winter's day without a cloud in the sky. The walk is very pleasant and there is an abundance of native fauna and sandstone. My father is actually a stonemason (retired now) and built the majority of the sandstone walls at Darling Harbour.

Once I had finished my walk of the Barrangaroo foreshore I headed over to The Rocks. I love The Rocks, it's full of history and interesting shops. On the weekends the market is buzzing with people. I took the route that went past some of Sydney's historical buildings such as:

Hotel Palisade. Now I have heard that this hotel is haunted, but then again there are lots of ghost stories around The Rocks area. Here you can enjoy the restaurant and roof top bar as well as stay in the hotel as a guest.

I discovered a shop called Rare Aviation Books which I thought my brother would be interested it in as he's an international pilot. They are at 8 Argyle Pl, Millers Point NSW 2000.

And if you haven't been to the Lord Nelson Hotel then you are missing out. This famous hotel has been established since 1841 and it brews its own craft beer. The hotel has a restaurant, bar and accomodation.

The walk around Millers Point to the Rocks is very interesting and shows off Sydney's history.

On the way to the Rocks you will get some great views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Argyle Tavern is another favourite of Sydney locals and tourists. They offer live music, DJ's and specials. It's a great hotel for a drink after work or to hang out during the weekend.

This brought back some memories! The days when mobile phones never existed.

As I mentioned during the weekend The Rocks markets are full of wonderful stalls and food and some amazing boutique shops to explore.

Heading down from The Rocks I then walked towards Circular Quay. As usual, it was bedlam with people everywhere which is no surprise because of the views of Sydney Harbour and the restaurants that are situated around the Quay.

Once I walked around to the Opera House side of the Quay, I headed up some steps to cross over Macquarie Street and into the Sydney Botanical Gardens.

The Royal Botanical Gardens is the place I head to when I need some nature! Despite it is winter the gardens are still beautiful with some amazing plants and birds to see.

These ducks didn't seem to mind a bit of green algae!

Snowdrops! Reminds me that Spring is not that far away.

Although there is not much colour in the gardens this time of year; there is always something interesting to look at.

I walked through the gardens to the gate near the Art Gallery and there I took a track down to Woolloomooloo, another historical part of Sydney. There are some amazing restaurants at Woolloomooloo and, on a nice sunny day, nothing beats dining outside looking over the boats.

There's another famous icon in this part of Sydney; Harry's Cafe de Wheels. Famous for its meat pies.

This was quite a trek but I was nearly home except for one little hurdle; 112 steps to climb up to Victoria Street, Potts Point.

Made it!

Potts Point is a lovely part of Sydney and, it too, has a lot of history.

And what else do you do when you make it all this way after two hours? Eat a burger of course! This one from the Burger Joint in Lankelly Place that I bought to have at home.

If you are visiting Sydney and want to do this walk, you can grab a train back to the CBD from Kings Cross Station or if you want even more exercise walk back down William Street.

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