EVENT ZERO:The Aussie movie that is sure to spark debates across the country

A city under attack. A deadly virus. A heart racing thriller. If these things sound like your bread and butter, then keep an eye out for the movie Event Zero which is filmed in our very own Sydney!


When a terrorist attack hits the Sydney subway, it releases a lethal and contagious virus. While the city’s politicians enter a corrupt power battle, detective Leyla Nassar (Offspring's Ash Ricardo) is in a race against time to find the culprits before the city spirals into chaos.

If you watch the trailer:

You’ll probably find a lot of real life issues being raised which are sure to cause some controversial opinions after you watch the film. The movie deals with racism, power hungry politicians and Australian culture but not as you’ve seen it before. The Australians seem to be featured as the antagonists, as they start a rebellion against particular religious and ethnic communities out of fear. It is a refreshing view, charged with deep and raw emotions, sure to leave you unnerved and thinking long after the movie ends.

With today’s current state, Terrorism attacks and Islam culture is a sensitive subject. Under the surface it is clear to see that Event Zero is not just a suspenseful thrill ride, but holds some underlying messages.

The Cast

crammed into a breathlessly paced 94 minutes, the star studded Aussie cast features Nicholas Hope, Andy Rodoreda, Harry Pavlidis, Raelee Hill and Paul Ayre.

If you google them, some faces will seem familiar from TV shows such as “Home and Away” and “All Saints.”

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a pulse pounding, action packed, leave you thinking kind of movie, while also supporting our much-loved Australian actors, then don’t miss out! Catch Event Zero in cinemas after August 31st. This action thriller will screen in NSW, QLD, SA, WA and VIC.