Frankie's Beans for Coffee Connoisseurs

"What sort of soy milk do you have?"

"We use Brand XXX" is the reply.

"Oh no, I can't drink that, it has to be Bon Soy" I reply. "I'll have a peppermint tea instead".

"Bloody hell mum, can you not!"..... I hear next to me

"What?" I say, "Stop being a soy snob!" They (my daughter's), pipe up.

This is a typical conversation if I'm out with my girls and if you think I'm a soy snob you haven't heard the poached egg saga! Poach Egg Snob I reign! If my eggs are not poached exactly as ordered then all hell breaks loose. Well these days it doesn't because I'm forbidden to order poached eggs or Soy Cap if I'm with my family.

Smashed Avo on Soy with Poached Egg. (Yep poached exactly as requested by Egg Snob).

OK I'm having a go at myself because it is ridiculous however today I have a confession to make. I may have actually been converted off my beloved Bon Soy to FAB coffee! In other words;

Fractional Atmospheric Brew, or FAB thanks to Frank Andrews the owner of Frankie's Beans in Darlo.

Sitting down with Frank today, it was obvious that he has a passion for coffee. Indeed, his coffee obsession is nearly as strong as my poached egg one! Working with engineers from the espresso machine builder, Sanremo, they modified one group of his 3-group Opera model machine and have been able to introduce water to the bed of ground coffee at a fraction of atmospheric pressure. The result is remarkable. A coffee that is light, not bitter and flavoursome that you can hardly believe you are drinking coffee. I ditched my soy cap at Frankie's this morning in favour of my FAB and let me tell you, I never drink black coffee! Well, not until now. By the way Frankie's does have Bon Soy and the soy cap was 100% as I like it.

I'm not going to get all technical here and pretend I'm a coffee connoisseur because I'm no expert, but I know what tastes good. If you are in the Darlinghurst area or one of the locals like myself, then I would suggest you go and visit Frankie's Beans and get to taste the fabulous coffee this little cafe creates.

Frankie's Beans is a popular cafe for the locals who are 'in the know' so I'm sharing the secret with my readers to go check it out and while there say hi to Frank, he's a friendly guy who will happily share with you the story of his coffee.


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