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Brooklyn Depot is for Seriously Hungry People

Brooklyn Depot Surry Hills

Fancy a hamburger or hotdog? Then head on over to Holt Street in Surry Hills and grab a table at Brooklyn Depot. Now these meals are not for whimps like me, this is serious big appetite food. And for Hamburger lovers you can't walk past this joint.

Brooklyn Depot Surry Hills

The menu here is rather unusual.I was invited down to try out some dishes at lunch time and as soon as I walked into the restaurant I liked what I saw.

Unless you have dined at Brooklyn Depot you probably have no idea what this plate of food is (above). I'll put you out of your misery trying to guess; it's fried pickles. Yes, fried pickles with french fries and Depot special sauce 8.

When I had my first bite of the pickle I was pleasantly surprised as it's not something that I would have even thought you could fry up. There is nothing ordinary about this place!

Brooklyn Depot Surry Hills

Hmmm.. this sign reminds me of a couple of people I know when they are hungry.

Brooklyn Depot Surry Hills

Brooklyn Depot is a very cool venue to hang out. It has nooks everywhere with some amazing artwork and neon signs for decoration. Even a petrol pump.

Brooklyn Depot

Brooklyn Depot is licensed so you can order a stiffer drink than my Lemon, Lime and Bitters.

Lemon lime and bitters

For my main dish I decided to try French Dip Sandwich 16. Pastrami slices, Swiss cheese, sliced pickles, wholegrain mustard mayo, sauerkraut, between toasted Rye bread served with potato chips.

Brooklyn Depot Surry Hills

This is another out of the ordinary dish that you can order off the extensive menu. The pastrami was really tender, and combined with the other ingredients it makes for a very tasty and filling sandwich. The bowl is a gravy sauce and the idea is to dip your sandwich straight into the sauce. There is nothing elegant about eating this one so don't even try to be polite while you are digging in.

Although I took a photo of the burger at the top of this post, I didn't actually order that as I already had enough food that I couldn't even finish. The servings are generous so when I say Brooklyn Depot is the place to go in Sydney if you are hungry, I mean it.

Situated 65 Holt Street, Surry Hills. Please do go and lend them your support as the roads around the area are really disrupting businesses due to the works for the light rail. A brilliant idea for Sydney but not much thought by Council for the businesses that are losing out. Just a short walk from Central Statin.

Check out the full menu and other cook stuff here.

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