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The Pros and Cons of Room Sharing in Sydney

As a twenty-something year old looking for a place to stay, the words “room sharing” aren’t the most welcoming. Having a room all to yourself is straight forward enough but when it comes to sharing a room, there are a whole lot more variables to consider. Is rent going to be cheaper? How about my privacy? That’s why it can be so hard to commit to it. But don’t worry, we’ve laid out the best of the pros and the worst of the cons to help you make that decision.


Saving up on rent

With Sydney being the most expensive Australian city to live in, room sharing is by far the most effective way to save up. You could easily be saving $100 or more a week to spend on food, concert tickets, and literally any other fun activities Sydney has to offer! Think of it this way: yes, the cost of living in this vibrant city is high-priced but are you really living here if you can’t enjoy everything that makes Sydney so great?

The Pros and Cons of Room Sharing in Sydney

Getting other things in return

Sure, you’ll have less personal space but more to gain in other areas. Maybe you’ll be living in a more convenient location or in a better neighbourhood in general. If you’re room sharing in a house, you’re likely to get everything already furnished and possibly even a yard if you’re lucky. If you’re sharing a room in an apartment, you might even get a pool, a gym, and car space. The best part? You’ll be getting all these extra additions for a lot less money!

The Pros and Cons of Room Sharing

Always having a friend nearby

This depends entirely on whom you’ll be sharing the room with but if you’ve decided to live in close quarters with them, they’re probably a good character. That means if you ever want to get lunch with someone, need a favour done, or just someone to talk things through with, you’ll have that person already there. At the same time, maybe they’ll cook for you from time to time, invite you out, and introduce you to their friends! Either way, you’ll always have that reassuring feeling knowing you’ve got someone to turn to if anything happens and to be able to provide that security for that person too!

Pros and Cons of Room Sharing


Not having your own space

There’s something about being able to shut the door to the world and being alone with your thoughts that keeps us sane. Having a safe haven to welcome you home after an exhausting day of work, a private nest to curl up into following a long night of partying, a quiet nook where you can be yourself unapologetically and entirely undistributed can make all the difference in the world. But room sharing makes this a little difficult because your bedroom isn’t just yours; it’s your roommate’s too.

Pros and cons of room sharing

Sharing has to be second nature

Whether it’s the living space, kitchen appliances, and just general home items, room sharing comes with a lot of, well, sharing. There will be plenty of times when your roommate is in the bathroom when you need to shower, when they’re cooking with the only spatula you two have, and when you have friends over to hang out when they prefer a quiet night to study. It’s all about compromise. You might even have to schedule certain activities you normally wouldn’t plan ahead for. With the right amount of communication, all hostility can be avoided but it can take a while to adjust but it can also get uncomfortable before you know it so make sure you know what you’re getting into!

Pros and cons of room sharing

Possibly having to clean up after others

Unless you’re Monica Geller from Friends, it’s safe to assume cleaning isn’t your favourite activity. Cleaning up after yourself can be a chore but can you imagine having to clean up after someone else? If you’re lucky, you’ll be living with someone who does their share of the work but if you aren’t, things can get annoying and awkward really fast. Of course, these things can be fixed with an upfront conversation but does the clutter of shoes have to stare at you so mockingly? On the other hand, if you’re the messier one, then you’re going to have to co-operate and be mindful of spreading your clutter!

Pros and cons of room sharing

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