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How To Create A Retro Looking Living Room

Retro Living Room

Retro is a trend at the moment and it's easy to create a living room (or any room for that matter) by being a little brave and adventurous. When you think retro imagine the 50's, 60's and 70's. I remember the 70's very well.... such outrageous wallpapers that my parents decorated with; but now, to me it doesn't look that bad at all. Funny how trends always repeat.

Retro Wallpaper

Colour is the key - so think about the walls will you use a wallpaper? Or will you go really brave and paint a feature wall in orange? And if you can afford it you could even put up some sandstone wall cladding. Let's face it though, once you get tired of that it's hard to remove so probably best to stick with paint and/or wallpaper.

Retro Ideas for Living Room

Well that was brave, now what? Choose some retro type furniture and it won't have to cost a fortune like the in gallery below, where I've featured a turquoise modular sofa from Fantastic Furniture, and a couple of retro pieces.

One crucial item in our Retro Living Room is the Retro lamp! Inspired by classic 1960s furniture design, the Retro floor lamp features sweeping lines and soft curves. Place it in a corner or behind a sofa where it can gracefully extend to light seating or table areas. Also you might like to invest in a colourful rug, especially if you are being conservative with the sofa colour and staying more neutral.

Retro Floor Lamp

Now it's time for the finishing touches like some colourful wall art.

Retro Wall Art

Would you dare add some quirky ornaments like these retro ducks? Very retro.

Retro Decorating

And then some colourful ornaments to place on your coffee table. The best place is your local market that sells bric a brac or browsing through an antique store.

Retro Ornaments

The final touch? A rubber plant! They are actually back in style so you be modern and retro at the same time.

Rubber Plant


Deb worked with Fantastic Furniture to bring you this post you can read our full Disclaimer here.

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