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Solerno celebrates the launch of their new blood orange liqueur, ‘Celebrazione dell’Arancia Rossa’.

Solerno cocktails

As we move into Spring we welcome warm nights filled with great food and flowing cocktails. Solerno aims to do just this as they celebrate the launch of their new blood orange liqueur, ‘Celebrazione dell’Arancia Rossa’. The new launch will be hosted at Italian restaurant Capriccio Osteria in Sydney for one month starting October 18th and promises to excite the taste buds of any cocktail lover.

Celebrating the exquisite taste of the blood orange, Solerno has created 5 signature cocktails to be indulged over this one-month period. Some of these include The Sicilian 75, a lovely concoction of fresh lemon and blood orange juice, partnered with Prosecco and Solernoni, a twist to the classic Negroni. The host of these cocktails, Capriccio Osteria, also adds to the authentic Sicilian flair of the drinks transforming the restaurant into a Tuscan styled courtyard, where diners can feel like they’re in Italy.

Blood orange cocktails

The brand has achieved great success, being the world’s first blood orange liqueur made from hand picked blood oranges in Sicily. This allows Solerno to have its distinct zesty taste that is so appealing on any occasion. Capriccio Osteria’s head chef Nicole Bampton has even created a menu tailored to the exotic taste of Solerno, including wood fired octopus and a blood orange tagliolini with scallops, all to be accompanied by the range of cocktails on offer.

The cocktails will be available for tasting from October 18 to November 18 so make sure to visit Capriccio Osteria and have a little taste of Italy for yourself!

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