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How to get in shape in your 40s +

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Getting in shape after your 30s can feel a bit daunting. You don’t recover like you used to, your a bit more worried about injuries and you might not feel like you have as much energy as you used to

Not to worry, you have something now you didn’t have in your 20s.. Knowledge!

Chances are you know your body much better than you did when you were younger, you are more informed (obviously, as you are reading this) and your in a much better position than it might feel

Some of my best transformations have come from ladies with teenage kids, the pressure valve is off at home and you have more time to focus on yourself

Here are a few of my best tips

1. You need to lift weights. After the age of 30, we lose 0.5% of our muscle mass per year, and you need to revise or slow down that process as much as possible. Lifting weights also increases bone density, tendon, and joint strength and leaves you feeling good

2. You need to get a grip on your nutrition. Make sure you are hitting your minimum protein requirements for the day (I recommend 1.8g/ per kilo bodyweight). AND STOP EATING SO MUCH CRAP!

3. Get the basics right. Focus on hydration, sleep, and your 10k steps... Every. Single. Day.

It might not seem like much, but focusing on these three points, lifting weights 3x a week will leave you ahead of 90% of your peers

If you are struggling getting started, need some direction and just need help getting set up, I strongly recommend investing in a personal trainer. Not some kid who wants to train you in a park for $50, but an accredited, experienced personal trainer working out of a gym who has experience getting results from clients who are similar to YOU.

Feel free to give me a message on Facebook - http://Facebook.com/seansyddall and I can connect you with the best personal trainers in your area based on your goals.

Coach Sean

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