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How to Opimise Nutrition in Your 40s +

Last post we touched on my top 3 training tips for getting in shape in your 40s+

Today il run through your two biggest nutritional and lifestyle priorities

The biggest problem I see in clients 40+ is they seem to be ‘set in their way’ in terms of exercise and nutrition, but this doesn't have to mean you are!

Now you are in your prime years, you should be focusing your nutrition to

1. Reduce chronic inflammation

2. Reduce oxidative stress

Chronic inflammation refers to the slight elevation in ‘inflammation markers’ in the body due to our lifestyle and nutrition habits. Some drivers of this include

  • Smoking

  • Outdoor and indoor air pollution

  • Endocrine disruptors and environmental chemicals

  • Less daily activity

  • Sleep deprivation and artificial lighting

  • Chronic stress

  • Too many omega-6 fats, not enough omega-3s

  • Fast foods

  • Obesity

  • Alcohol

Oxidative stress is the body’s natural “rusting” process. Free radicals cause damage to muscle as well as other tissues. The presence of higher numbers of free radicals is an indication of damage and is considered “bad”.

To slow down these two drivers of aging, here are my best take-home points

1. Work towards being leaner.

2. Make sure you have a colorful and varied diet with loads of veggies and berries/fruits

3. Supplement magnesium citrate, vitamin D3 and fish/krill oil

4. Lift weights 3-4 X a week

5. Remove trans fats and fast food from your diet

6. Have a consistent sleep cycle

Doing so will not just lead to a longer life, but a healthier and happier life also!

Sean Sydall

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