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Coach Sean's List of Calorie Dense ‘Healthy’ Foods You Should Avoid for Fat Loss!

Danger foods!

If there was one thing I wish I could mass communicate to all my clients and potential clients here in Bondi, it would be that ‘healthy’ doesn’t mean its necessarily good for you.

There are plenty of ‘healthy’ foods (whilst in moderation may give you health benefits) that are very calorie dense - that is they have lots of energy per serving.

If your goal is to lose some body fat, it's important that you learn how to read nutrition labels and understand what you are putting in your mouth.

Here is a short list of calorie dense ‘healthy’ foods you should look out for!


Nuts - especially macadamias and almonds

Any nut butter- peanut butter, ABC butter (this is my trigger)

Fruit juices

Dried fruits



Any oils

All these foods are high in ‘healthy’ fats, which is great, but remember calories in vs calories out will dictate fat loss!

Coach Sean

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