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Christmas Gift Idea #9 The Cord Roll Designed to Keep Cords Untangled When Travelling

The Cord Roll

We have found a practical and stylish gift for travellers and commuters! Do you ever have a problem with your headphones getting tangled? It's so annoying. Well now, thanks to Shane Thompson we have found the solution to this problem; The Cord Roll.

The Cord Roll is designed by Shane, a long haul Pilot for QANTAS, as a solution to his never ending frustration of not quickly being able to find his phone charger and earphones always being tangled on his travels. 18 months ago Shane launched "Afternoons with Albert" dedicated to solving those small problems that we all face, particularly when travelling - that end up taking you away from 'the moment'.

With a passion for design that started as a child, Shane's first product came from a very authentic place, after using his phone all around the world to listen to music. The Cord Roll is made from full grain cow hide, it allows the user to keep their headphones and charging cables in the one spot, and UN-tangled. Not only is the Cord Roll practical, it is stylish too.

The Cord Role

Watch the video below to find out more about this story.

Available online at $75

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