Craft Exhibition "Shifts in Japanese Materiality"

Shifts in Japanese Materiality, will be held February 2 - March 17, 2018 at The Japan Foundation Gallery. The exhibition is curated by Bic Tieu and is part of the Sydney Design Festival.

The exhibition focuses on contemporary works experimental Australian and Japanese designers who specialise in traditional Japanese craft, such as kintsugi (golden joinery) and maki-e (Japanese lacquerware). Their works explore the changing nature of Japan’s object-making culture in a global context.

The program also includes artist talks, a demonstration and a workshop.


Talk & Demonstration

February 3

Kyoto-based Rui Kikuchi's makes beautiful jewellery by combining waste, such as plastics, with precious metals. She will talk about her practice which reflects on human consumption of synthetic materials.

Panel talk: Designers Discuss Japanese Materiality

March 8

Exhibiting designers discuss the influence of Japanese materiality in their contemporary practices. This panel talk will share the experiences and processes of object designers, spanning ceramics, glass, lacquerware, and jewellery.

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