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Grampians Olive Co. Certified Organic Olive Oils

Grampians Olive Oil

Grampians Olive Co. Olive Oil Skincare pack $35

Grampians Olive Co. is home to the historic "Toscana' Olive Plantation which produces Australia's most exquisite, sustainable and certified olive oils. And, they don't just produce olive oil, Grampians Olive Co. offer a beautiful range of skincare products, that are lovingly handmade including hand and body butter and olive oil soap (unscented and lavender). The hand and body butter is thick and luxurious, and absorbs into the skin easily. I love the soap, and especially the lavender scented bar. The body butter is made with Grampians organic olive oil and shea butter. The pack sells for $35.00 and makes a lovely gift for someone you care about, or a treat for yourself.

For those of us who adore olive oil, the Grampians Olive Co. range is truly delicious. As soon as I took the top of the bottle, the aroma of the oil was fragrant and fresh. I was not disappointed with the smooth and flavoursome oil, and coupled with the Harvests Delights Dukkah and fresh bread (gluten free in my case) it made for a nice light lunch!

Grampians Olive Co. offer a range of gifts, oils, and vinegars available on the website, and for those of us who love the finer things in life; they are very reasonably priced!

Grampians Olive Co

Grampians Olive Co. 250ml + Dukkah Hamper $35 (comes with olive oil, two dipping dishes and Harvest Delights Dukkah,made locally in Horsham and supporting employment for people with a disability)

Flavours for olive oil: Signature, Delicate, Chilli, Truffle, Lemon Pressed, Garlic

Flavours for vinegars: Golden Orange Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar, Organic Shiraz Vinegar, Tuscan Herbs, Blood Orange, Roasted Capsicum Finishing Vinegar

Olives: Organic table olives

Grampians Olive Co. has won numerous awards including most recently at the Australian Golden Olive Awards (best Oil from Heritage Trees trophy 2017 and 2016) and the National Extra Olive Oil Competition (2017 Silver Medal, 2016 Gold Medal).

For more information and other products visit

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