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The Effects of Alcohol On Your Body

The Effects of Alcohol

Did you know that when you drink alcohol the body perceives it as a toxin and metabolises (breaks down for energy) the alcohol before anything else?

This means If you are drinking, and happen to be in a calorie surplus (which is very likely) whatever additional calories you have will directly be stored as fat.

You see, normally, when you overeat lots of the calories (mainly carbohydrates) will be stored as liver and muscle glycogen. Over the next 2-3 days, you can use this energy at the gym or in your daily activities

(unless you keep overeating). This is where drinking puts you at a big disadvantage because you are storing extra fuel directly as fat.

And those kebabs and pizzas you are reaching for have to go somewhere!

I'm not saying don't drink..

I'm just saying CHOOSE YOUR POISON!

(Food or alcohol)

Coach Sean

Sean Syddall

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