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Mid North Coast NSW Travel Blog and Fishing Forum

Mid North Coast Travel

It was inevitable that I would get the urge to create a new website for the North Coast NSW since I'm living here as well as commuting to Sydney on a regular basis. Without a doubt this is one beautiful part of Australia and it's a highly popular holiday destination in summer and Easter. In fact, it is so stunning I want to share it with the world, so a few days I got the urge to create the website (which took me only a day).

Mid North Coast Travel

I must say some of the most spectacular sunsets and sunrises keep me entertained as they are truly stunning.

There's a huge fishing community up here on the Mid North Coast NSW, and I've met so many people who are keen on fishing. I've also had the pleasure of being given freshly caught fish from my neighbours, so it's time I think to learn to fish myself, so that's why I started a Fishing Forum, for people to share their expertise or for newbies like me to ask questions.

Mid North Coast

The website is very new and my plan is to make it a site for tourists to go to when they are looking for things to do on the Mid North Coast NSW.

In the meantime, here are some photos that I've been taking for the blog. Click to enlarge.

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