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Craftsman Organic Wines

Craftsman Organic Wines

Health conscious Australians are turning more to organic wines. It's no surprise really as the organic market grows because people are demanding less chemicals and more sustainable business practices.

Craftsman Organic Wines consist of a Shiraz and a Chardonnay from sourced grapes from the best regions across Australia. The wines are created using natural farming practices with grapes that have been grown without artificial of synthetic chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. To keep weeds and bugs away, organic farmers work with nature, by boosting their vineyards biodiversity. By doing this, the vineyard becomes a self-regulating natural eco-system and eliminating the need for artificial and potentially toxic chemicals.

Craftsman Organic Wines are Australian Organic Certified, meaning what’s in the bottle has been grown free from synthetic pesticides and herbicides and are non-GM. The certification provides consumers peace of mind that the winemaking techniques are 100% organic and the wines retain their full-bodied, delicious flavour.

Craftsman Organic Chardonnay – features stone fruit and citrus characters with flavours of mild toasty oak. On the palate, it’s refreshing and vibrant and is well-balanced oak and fruit excellent fruit intensity. RRP 18 AUD

Craftsman Organic Shiraz – This red features dark cherry fruit, with subtle complexing oak and spice. On the palate it shows good fruit weight with the gentle use of oak, giving it structure to the long finish. RRP 18 AUD.

I'm a big fan of organic wines and the Shiraz has rich fruity flavours that you wouldn't expect as the scent is quite faint. The Chardonnay has a more distinct fruit scent and very pleasurable to drink. I'll definitely be buying more of both.

The Craftsman Organic range is available from BWS stores nationally where organic wine sales in the stores is growing at 18.5%.

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