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Olive Box is the Perfect Gift for the Foodie in Your Life

Olive Box Australia

Do you have an aspiring Italian chef in your circle of friends or family? Or maybe, like me, you love Italian food and cooking it? Thanks to Olive Box you can now order authentic Italian and Mediterranean treats and ingredients delivered to your door.

Olive Box also includes a product guide, authentic recipes, culinary insights and information on the country of origin. Did you know that Italy has 60.6 million people? I found that out by reading the information included in my Olive Box.

Olive Box

I was thrilled when I unboxed my Olive Box to discover authentic olive oil, bruschetta spreads, pasta, pasta sauce, chocolate, fig jam, nougat and even a ravioli cutter. Nonna's recipe card caught my eye immediately and I decided I would be making the Rigatoni alla Carbonara for dinner that night! All I had to buy was the pancetta and pecorino cheese. I already had eggs and garlic in the pantry.


Fructus Ligurian Extra Virgin Oil

This is a delightful olive oil made from the finest Ligurian olives. I used this olive oil when I made my pasta and it is fruity and fresh which makes it perfect to dip bread into.

Italian Food Gift Box

Sperari Classic Almond Torrone (Nougat)

A traditionally made nougat made in Cremona since 1836.

D.Barbero Gianduiotti

Made by artisans using the finest chocolate and hazelnuts from Turin in Piedmont. I certainly couldn't resist having a few of these as soon as I had finished taking my photos. Delicious!

Italian Nougat

Venturino Rigatoni Pasta

This is a premium artisan pasta by the the Venturino family since 1856 in Campania. As you can see these food items have been produced for a lot longer than you and I have been around! The ridged surface and tube shape make it an ideal adhesive for sauce and grated cheese. I used this pasta in my recipe.

authentic italian pasta

Solefrutta Fig Jam

This beautiful jam is made with 82% fruit with no added thickeners, concentrates or preservatives. The jam is smooth and suitable to have on toast or as I did with crackers and cheese. The thing I noted when I opened the jar was the fruity smell and the taste of figs; almost like I was eating a fig. This jam is delicious. No preservatives means of course keep in the fridge.

Olive Box

Agromonte Bruschetta

Another Italian artisan made product! My Olive Box contained two tapenades made with Sicilian produce. Again, I had mine just spread on a cracker, I did not add cheese as the spreads are very flavoursome. These little jars of yumminess can be used as a base on bruschetta, to add flavour to sandwiches, served with pasta and to create appetizers. So many uses from such a small jar!

Italian tomato pasta sauce

Corte d'Assise Tomato Sugo (ready-made pasta sauce)

This spicy tomatoes sauce is made from the finest chillies and tomatoes. I could definitely taste the chillies but not overwhelmingly. This sauce originates from Calabria in Southern Italy.

And finally, Ghidini Favioli Wheel. An essential utensil for all aspiring Italian chefs and other boxes from Greece, Lebanon and Spain will be available soon.

Now that you have explored Olive Box with me I'll share with you my pasta! The Rigatoni alla Carbonara recipe was easy to follow and I enjoyed my pasta very much.

Rigatoni alla Carbonara

Rigatoni alla Carbonara Recipe

Rigatoni alla Carbonara Recipe

I was gifted this Olive Box for this story. I only accept products etc if I feel it is a fit for Sydney Chic and I personally would purchase myself. Olive Box certainly meets my criteria. Please read more about Sydney Chic's DISCLAIMER here.

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