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Brunch and Good Things Happening at Vizio Caffe e Cucina

Vizio Caffe e Cucina

I lived in the Darlinghurst, Surry Hills and Potts Point area for six years and have had the pleasure of dining at some wonderful restaurants and cafe's in the area, and recently I just added a new favourite to my list; Vizio Caffe e Cucina a family-owned Italian restaurant close to the Australian Museum in William Street.

Vizio Caffe e Cucina

As soon as you walk in the door, the soft lighting and gorgeous decor welcome you and no doubt entice you to sit down and relax and soak in the wonderful vibes of this Italian restaurant. Walk down towards the back of the restaurant and you will look into a glass refrigerator that contains the finest cold meats, cheeses and gourmet deli items only the Italians can produce.

I find the Italian people so friendly and easy to talk to and as I sat and chatted with Matia (one of the owners) of Vizio Caffee e Cucina I felt very welcome and at home.

Today, I was going to try three dishes that are especially good for brunch, something that the restaurant does on a Saturday. Despite William Street being busy with traffic not much goes on in the way of food in the area on a weekend. At Vizio they open on Saturday 8.20am to 2.30pm for breakfast, brunch and lunch. And believe me you won't leave hungry.

Vizio Caffe e Cucina

Avo on Toast Smashed Avocado, Goat's Curd, Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Poached Egg, Pickled Radishes, Sunflower Seeds.

Vizio have taken the popular Avo on Toast to a whole new level here. This dish is delightful, tasty and has a nice combination of flavours and textures. The pickled radish adds a little uniqueness. I felt a bit mean destroying such a beautifully presented meal as I cut my knife through the bread and toppings.

Vizio Caffe e Cucina

Earthy Green Bowl (Gf-Df) Seasonal Greens Vegetables, Red Quinoa, Crushed Almonds, Ginger Dressing, Poached Egg.

This exceptional dish is not only tasty it is very good for you. Vizio have managed to take eating your greens to a whole new level! The vegetables were cooked just right and mixed with the other ingredients and the dressing this dish is a winner for me. The ginger dressing makes these vegetables very tasty and you will be surprised how a plate of greens can be so filling.

Vizio Caffe e Cucina

Oxtail Tagliatelle Homemade Long Pasta, Slow Cooked Pulled Oxtail Ragu, Truffle Pecorino, Fresh Thyme

WOW! Just wow! This dish was one of the specials. Now you are probably thinking I must have put on five kilos eating all this! I actually couldn't finish all these meals, I had a good taste of all of them and I really wanted to eat all this pasta, however, I focused on the green bowl. I can tell you that this Oxtail Tagliatelle was superb, I could tell the meat had been very slowly cooked and the flavours were a very good match. As soon as the Tagliatelle was brought out I could smell that unique truffle fragrance. As I'm typing this I wish I could wave a magic wand and have this pasta meal appear in front of me right now.

Vizio Caffe e Cucina

Lasagne preparation.

Whether you are after a perfect coffee, breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner pop on down to Vizio Caffee e Cucina which is now on my favourite places to dine in Sydney.

Brunch is on SATURDAYS from 8.30am till 2.30pm while dinner is on Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm.

Craft Beer Month coming to Vizio soon.


Cards on the table: I dined as a guest of Vizio Caffe e Cucina. Please read my full DISCLAIMER for more information on what I choose to publish on Sydney Chic or not. I never approach restaurants for food reviews, I only accept invitations directly from restaurants or their PR companies if I feel I will enjoy the experience but more importantly, my followers will.

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