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Theatre Review - FORTE


M&T In Motion

Reviewed at The Concourse, Chatswood 14 July

Theatre Reviews Sydney

A bare, black stage with no flats or any other scenery, no curtains, no atmospheric effects. What were we to expect? All I knew was that M&T in Motion were touring a series of five dance works called FORTE, which was the name of the final work.

SEXTET FALL featured younger performers who were combining their classical ballet training with modern dance.

LA PORTA DELL’INCONSCIO featured the talent of Dominic Ballard who will be one to watch.

ARCHITECTURE was another solo featuring Kristy-Lee Denovan who, at her young age, has already amassed an impressive list of credits in Australia and in Europe.

PROXIMITY showcased James Pett and Travis Clausen-Knight and FORTE featured six of the dancers to climax the evening.

Theatre Reviews Sydney

FORTE reminded me of the time when Graeme Murphy and Janet Vernon took the reins of Dance Company NSW and renamed it the Sydney Dance Company. Ballet patrons were ready for an added alternative to The Australian Ballet’s mostly predictable offerings. At the beginning, those productions were low-budget, and once people heard about its works, the SDC took on the world. In more recent times, the SDC has taken a different course.

Mara Galeazzi and Tim Podesta are to be commended for the drive and enthusiasm that has attracted such young, talented dancers and also for nurturing a new crop that are destined to follow in the dance-steps of Paul Mercurio, Kim Walker, Jennifer Barry and many others.

Having already attracted some sponsors, I hope that M&T In Motion becomes even more recognised in Australian arts.

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