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2018 Norton Street Italian Festa

Norton Street Festa

Attenti!! This year marks the 32nd annual Norton Street Italian Festa. Italians always do

everything bigger - and this is the biggest street festival in Australia!

Leichhardt has long been seen as the Italian hub of Sydney, and the Festa is a chance to

celebrate Italian heritage, food, culture, and fashion and its association with Sydney’s inner


Sydney Chic went along to the launch to get the inside story on the plans for this year’s

festival. This year there will be five stages along Norton Street, with traditional music and dance,

fashion parades and entertainment, along with roving entertainers all along the street. For a

serving of Italian design and innovation, head north to Pioneer Park where there will be a

display of Italian cars and Vespas.

But of course it wouldn’t be Festa (or any kind of Italian event) without food. There will be so much food, your Nonna would be embarrassed. One of the notable inclusions at the food stage this year is the cannoli burger pioneered by Vincenzo from Vincenzo’s plate. It is essentially a ricotta cannoli inside an Italian doughnut and is fat and sugar free* Another thing we’re looking forward to trying is the crema presented by the guys from Trombetta coffee. It’s not gelato, but looks kind of like soft icecream, but it actually has no cream in it at all. It’s available in 14 flavours (traditional hazelnut nocciola is always my go-to, in case you’re unsure) and is truly delicious! It’s also the hottest thing right now on the streets of Milan and is set to explode in Australia. Festa is your chance to get in early!

And just when you’ve developed a Tuscan afternoon sun-kissed glow, and

think you’ve had enough, it’s time to pop into the Royal for a Peroni or an Aperol Spiritz!

Forza Italia!

Ci vedi a Festa (see you at Festa!)

*It is neither fat free nor sugar free

Vincenzo from Vinzeno's plate has kindly shared his recipe with us:

"Timballo" as it is a very traditional dish which comes from where Vincenzo's Nonna was born. A lasagna made from thin crepes! It encapsulates everything Vincenzo's Plate is about - traditional recipes which are rich with flavour, simple ingredients and evoke a sense of family.

Recipe is here.

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