5 Tips for Picking Great Children’s Wall Art

By David Mattock

Decorating a child’s bedroom can certainly be a fun and enjoyable task. You can get more creative with colours and designs you wouldn’t see anywhere else in the house. When decorating, part of this fun is, of course, accessorising! As a designer and creative, I feel the right piece of art can make or break the finished look of a room. This is especially the case with children’s’ wall art; when it comes to little one’s rooms the right piece of art can make all the difference.

Here are some top tips on selecting the very best wall art for your kid’s bedroom as well as an overview of some of the styles available on my website, Paper Steps.

1. Keep It Fun & Friendly

Fun should always be at the forefront of any wall art you choose for a little one’s bedroom. I’ve seen many pieces of artwork designed for children online that fail to keep things vibrant and exciting. Abstract art and rainbow watercolours may look good in a designer catalogue, but I don’t feel these are the perfect match for a child’s bedroom. Kids will certainly be more engaged with colourful art that is solely dedicated to style. Take a look at some of my creations where I’ve ensured fun is at the forefront. Monsters Range

2. Go Beyond Matching Colours

Of course, colour is key in any room design. However, rather than simply matching your colour swatch up with any old artwork from your local homeware store; why not opt for something a little more personal and unique? Wall art makes it possible to depict and encourage your child’s favourite hobbies, capture their aspirations and even inspire creative flair. Yes, the need to match wall art with décor is important, but wall art can be so much more than just another aesthetic accessory.

3. Coax Out New Characters

A large part of the designs I create have larger than life and exuberant characters. From cupcakes to cheeky monkeys, there are sure to be characters your little ones will fall in love with. All loving, care-free and creative I hope that these character designs can help to inspire more creativity in young ones. Character-based designs can also help influence behaviour as bedtime, family meals and even menial tasks of brushing your teeth can be portrayed positively by friendly cartoon buddies and friends.

4. Add A Personalised Touch

A piece of personalised wall art can not only be the finishing touch to the décor and room aesthetic; but an opportunity to make a bedroom feel more their own. Ensuring that the artwork and designs I create could be personalised with a name or message was hugely important for me. A kid’s bedroom should be their own space that they can feel safe and secure in. I’ve had great feedback from customers who have had their art personalised; it really helps make the artwork feel a little extra special Nursery Quotes Prints

5. Let Them Pick!

Forget all about your style needs and colour matching and let the little ones pick out their favourite. After all, if it’s going on their wall then they should surely deserve the final say! When they discover the added bonus of their name being added they are sure to be delighted and excited. Often the toughest critics when it comes to artwork, children certainly know what they like and the opportunity to pick something out for themselves is an opportunity they certainly won’t want to miss out on.

I hope these tips have helped you work towards picking out some awesome artwork for your child’s bedroom.

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You can also see my new range of designs for the grownups.

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