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7 Of The Best Gifts You Can Give A Whisky Lover

7 Of The Best Gifts You Can Give A Whisky Lover

The whiskey rebellion of 1794 may have long been over, but the love of whiskey has persisted throughout the years.

Any whiskey drinker in your life will appreciate a good bottle of single malt Irish whiskey or some premium rye whiskey, but when it comes to whiskey gifts, you sometimes have to be a bit more creative than that.

Those that drink whiskey will no doubt appreciate a neat glass of their favourite drink, but once the whiskey is gone, so is the excitement.

We have collected a list of whiskey gifts to give to the whiskey lover in your life that will last longer than just a couple of sips and is bound to make any whiskey aficionado smile from ear to ear.

7 Excellent Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Whiskey glasses for gifts

1) Whiskey Glass

Can Irish whiskey taste better from a nice glass? We think so, yes! Whiskey glasses are always a welcome whiskey gift, as the shape of the glass can affect the smell and taste of the whiskey.

A tulip-shaped glass will capture the olfactory notes and improve the whiskey drinking experience. Heavy tumblers, on the other hand, will add some gravitas to drink.

No matter the size or shape of the glass you get, a set of glasses dedicated to whiskey is going to titillate any whiskey drinker and bring a smile to their face.

2) Whiskey Flask

Whiskey fans sometimes like to take their whiskey on the road, and that makes a flask the best gift. Whether they like to take the occasional sip or add a bit of whiskey to their morning coffee, a flask that is rustproof, BPA-free and made from stainless still is the perfect gift for those who love whiskey.

Flasks are especially useful for outdoor aficionados who do not feel like taking whiskey bottles on their next camping trip and only want a couple of sips of their favourite Woodford reserve to keep warm.

3) Whiskey Decanter

The variety of decanter styles is what makes them the best whiskey gifts. Other liquids, like red wine, make use of a decanter to aerate the wine, however, whiskey does not need any preparation before consumption.

So why do you use a decanter for whiskey?

Well, it is all about presentation! A full, glass decanter adds a certain look to your collection of liqueurs, and you can also use a decanter to make a unique blend of whiskey.

4) Bar Cart

Every whiskey lover needs a beautiful bar cart to display their carefully crafted selection of drinks.

They are also a great gift for those who enjoy entertaining, as they make your drinks, glasses and ice bucket easily reachable when guests c0me over.

5) Ice Bucket and Ice Cubes

Nothing tastes better than a cool whiskey on a hot day, and you can help by gifting a gorgeous ice bucket or a novelty ice cube tray.

Whether your friend enjoys whiskey cocktails or a cool drink, ice-related gifts are always welcome.

You can find ice cube trays for any shape imaginable, from spherical ice cubes and skulls, to the Star Wars Death Star.

6) Whiskey Lover Subscription Box

If your loved one enjoys a good whiskey tasting, then a subscription box is the best gift you can possibly give.

Subscription (or "tasting") boxes provide monthly samples of select whiskeys, bourbons and scotches, along with tasting notes and other goodies like bitters.

The boxes can contain more common brands, like the Johnnie Walker Blue Label, or a single malt scotch with a complex flavour profile.

The boxes can also come with recipe lists for whiskey cocktails, or suggestions to make your own whiskey blends.

7) Bourbon Barrels

No matter the level of expertise of your whiskey lover friend, they are bound to enjoy a mini bourbon barrel.

Small oak barrels can be used to store and further age the good stuff and provide entertainment at home when happy hour comes around.

Some mini barrels come with a recipe book for cocktails, or a whiskey expert can get creative and start blending and mixing their own whiskey combinations and let it age in the barrel.

Final Thoughts

It can be tough to buy gifts for loved ones, so if you know someone has a particular taste for whiskey, you can get creative and buy them something you know they will use and appreciate.

Although it is easy to simply buy a bottle for whiskey lovers, their enjoyment will be short-lived - until the whiskey is done.

Whether your whiskey friend needs some new glasses, new whiskey tasters or new drinking tools, the seven gifts listed above are bound to thrill even the most prestigious and experienced whiskey drinker and will enhance their whiskey drinking experience for many years to come.


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