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8 Lifestyle Habits To Reduce Cigarette Cravings

Lifestyle Habits To Reduce Cigarette Cravings

Once you've decided to quit smoking, you need a lot of self-discipline to kick the habit successfully. However, it's always easier said than done. Many smokers have attempted to quit but eventually failed as they cannot handle the effects of nicotine withdrawal in their system.

That's why it's always a good idea to start using alternatives like cigarette substitutes from Smokefree Clinic Australia. That way, you can slowly introduce yourself to a cigarette-free life. Later on, you won't even need these substitutes as you can drop the habit for good.

But that's not all. Aside from setting up a cigarette substitute, it would help to implement specific changes in your lifestyle to quit smoking successfully. Of course, you cannot do this overnight. You have to remember that this is a journey as well. So, for those who are struggling and are trying to fight off their cigarette cravings, incorporating these habits and lifestyle choices bit by bit could help tremendously:

Eat More Fibre

Our body takes a while to fully digest fibre, which would help you feel full for a more extended period. Eating more fibre will then suppress the urge of eating snacks or think about having another cigarette—especially if you're the type of smoker who sometimes substitutes smoking with eating.

Avocados, whole grains, lentils, beans, and berries, among others, are some of the foods you can add to your diet to help you bid farewell to those cigarette cravings. They're very healthy as well!

tips to stop smoking

Try Meditation

Meditation is one way to help calm the mind of an individual. Practising meditation can help you become more aware of yourself and your surroundings. It also helps with patience and mindfulness. Meditation enables you to block distractions and senseless cravings such as smoking.


Exercise is something you should be doing to take care of your body; whether you smoke or not, it's even more critical if you're trying to quit smoking. Getting out and exercising is another great way to reduce cigarette cravings immensely. Whether it's just going for a walk around the neighbourhood or joining an indoor gym, getting some daily physical activity will allow your body to release tension and stress, and therefore leave less room for smoking cigarettes.

Get More Restful Sleep

If you don't get enough sleep at night, then it follows that you're going to feel tired during the day. When you're tired, you may be thinking more about having a cigarette to relax and unwind. That's why getting enough sleep every night is crucial if you're trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

Not only does alcohol contain calories that will add up quickly if consumed in excess, but drinking alcoholic beverages can also cause dehydration which could cause you to crave cigarettes. So, aside from avoiding alcohol, make sure you stay hydrated as well.

Cut Back On Caffeine

If you're trying to quit smoking, the last thing you need is to take something more likely to trigger cigarette cravings. Coffee, or caffeine in general, tends to fall in the category of things that will most likely leave you wanting to take a cigarette afterwards. Hence, avoiding caffeinated drinks can also help keep your cigarette cravings at bay.

Take Supplements For A Better Overall Health

Taking supplements is an excellent way of improving overall health, as this gives your body what it needs to function correctly. Taking Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids can help reduce cigarette cravings and even boost heart health and immunity.

Stay Motivated

Now, there may be days wherein the urge to smoke is particularly strong. Sometimes, a change in routine may even trigger this. To overcome temptations, here are some tips that can help keep you motivated:

  • Try to remember all the benefits you're getting from quitting smoking.

  • List down your 'wins' or small achievements on a daily or weekly basis. Writing down your wins may include being able to avoid smoking for three straight days, avoiding alcohol, eating healthier, and so on. Recording your wins will help you see how far you've come.

  • Reward yourself after a week or so. Don't think of this as a cheat day though, reward yourself in other ways such as relaxing at a spa, binging movies and shows, or shopping for new stuff.



Trying to stop a smoking habit will not be an easy journey, but your body will thank you later. Your loved ones will also be rooting for your success. Take it step-by-step, and you'll get there. Remember all the tips in this article for a healthier lifestyle.


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