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All You Need to Know Before Buying a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine

All You Need to Know Before Buying a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine

What is the most important thing you need to start a commercial carpet cleaning business? For starters, you need robust cleaning equipment that can deeply clean dirty carpets and bring a wide smile to your client’s face.

The good news is that commercial carpet cleaner machines can turn the dirtiest carpet into a delicate and clean piece of fabric.

These machines are highly capable of removing stubborn stains and eliminating foreign contaminants settled inside the fabric.

So, now that we have a brief idea about the machine’s capability, let us dive into some of the features to look out for.

Features to watch out for
  • Its design should support the effective cleaning of small and large carpets.

  • Its vacuum hose should be at least 7.5 metres long to clean the rug without moving the machine too much.

  • It should at least have 55L of recovery and solution tanks to avoid fill-outs at short intervals.

  • It should have an eco-friendly design, so there are no chemical releases while cleaning.

  • It should have two vacuum motors of 1200W each for better debris suction.

After knowing what we want from our machine, let us look at how it will benefit our business:

1. Happy Clients

Commercial cleaning is not a cakewalk; you will be working in busy areas like restaurants, hospitals, bars and offices where the foot traffic is sky-high.

If you resort to traditional cleaning methods, you won’t be able to provide the finish and shine your client is looking for.

That is why it would be best to use a cleaning machine that can provide a professional finish making the rugged carpet soft once again.

2. Multi-functionality

Not only do cleaning machines serve carpet cleaning purposes, but they are also used as carpet extractors.

Carpet cleaner Vs. Carpet extractor

Carpet extractors extract foreign contaminants, debris, bust and pollen from the upholstery. They use specialised chemicals to do so.

In contrast, carpet cleaners are more inclined towards heating and vacuuming the carpets. They can use eco-friendly techniques like steam cleaning to remove all the residue and unwanted debris to soften the fabric.

The good news is that modern cleaning machines come with extractors and cleaners. Therefore, your client gets an all-in-one service.

3. Less labour needed

Once you have the cleaning machine, less labour is needed. Therefore, You don’t need a team of ten people to work on one project.

You can fetch more clients and put them at work with more idle hands at your disposal. Moreover, the clients will also feel elated by the quality and speed of work.

The machines will thoroughly work on all types of carpets, leaving a fresh and soft rug behind.

Moreover, with a machine-intensive approach, your workforce will be much happier as they don’t have to exhaust themselves daily.

4. Cost-effective

More machines mean you need less workforce. Even if you wish to expand your operations, your existing team will be enough to cater to more clients.

In other words, you can expand your business without worrying about hiring more labour and paying more remuneration.

5. Consistent performance

Machine breakdowns do not affect their performance. Once repaired, they can regain the same effectiveness and efficiency immediately.

But, an injury to a team member would mean a significant reduction in their capability resulting in an overall performance decline.

Besides that, employment contracts may bind you to provide for them till they join your team again.

Final Thoughts

Since technology has taken giant strides in the past decade, imagining a machine-free commercial cleaning industry is next to impossible.

Thanks to carpet cleaning machines, client expectations are at an all-time high. Therefore, it is best to buy a reliable carpet cleaning machine today instead of sticking to outdated, labour-intensive techniques.


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