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Australia’s Favourite Fashion Styling Secret You Can Try for Yourself

From high-end fashion runways to television broadcasts, Australian stylists work tirelessly to craft unique, cohesive and stunning looks. For many, they have go-to fashion jewellery brands they can rely on to unite and elevate an outfit. In recent years, Australian designer jewellery brand Culturesse has grown in popularity with stylists across the country for this ability.

Culturesse is for every woman from every walk of life. Their jewellery is for work, play and high fashion, celebrating difference, style and empowerment with every piece. It’s why you would have seen Culturesse in action at the top Australian fashion runways or even on your favourite TV show.

top Australian fashion runways
Ruling the Runway

Since 2019, Culturesse has featured regularly at the Melbourne Fashion Festival and Fashion Week. In fact, Charlee Fraser — one of the top 50 models in the world — wore Culturesse’s Isla Big Fishbone runway earrings as part of the festival’s 2019 national advertising campaign. As Fraser is a prominent figure in the movement for ethical and eco-friendly fashion brands, the collaboration was a perfect match. The Isla statement earrings are crafted from environmentally friendly metal, and encrusted with clear diamantes and quality silver plating. The final result is delicate but striking and impressive, making them just as suitable for formal galas as runway looks.

2021 saw Culturesse take part in the Melbourne Fashion Festival’s opening runway. The runway featured fashion jewellery including the Tiffany Contemporary Flow earrings in platinum. While statement earrings, they are minimalist but no less striking in their own way. Their organic, flowing form is subtle but stylish, making them an excellent choice for runway wear or everyday wear. And they have also featured at the 2021 Melbourne Fashion Week Rialto Dining runway.

Tiffany Contemporary flow earrings

Also as part of the 2021 Melbourne Fashion Festival, Culturesse was featured in the Fashion on High runway, where they shared the spotlight with leading Australian bridalwear brands and designers. The La Muse Artisan Cats Eye Stone Drop earrings, which gleam with a golden shine few other designer jewellery brands in Australia can match, were a stand out. These 24K gold plated statement earrings, with enchanting snake design and powerful tiger eye stone drops, are incredibly versatile and are perfect for brides looking to embrace their feminine power.

La Muse Artisan Cats Eye Stone Drop earrings

The Fashion on High runway was also an ideal opportunity to showcase Culturesse’s signature pearl wedding jewellery, including the Etienne 24K Baroque Pearl Drop earrings. These pearl earrings are the perfect accompaniment to high-fashion bridalwear, with their soft, feminine curves and glamorous gold detailing.

But the Etienne earrings are also a stunning statement jewellery piece for formal and semi-formal occasions. This was exemplified by their inclusion in the 2021 Melbourne Fashion Week showcase at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), alongside iconic Australian fashion brands, like Carla Zampatti and Romance Was Born.

Etienne 24K Baroque Pearl Drop earrings.

This fashion event featuring the best of the best at the NGV also showcased the detailed and layered Blanche Exquisite Leather Coin earrings, which complemented the intricacy of Romance Was Born’s clothing. A host of textures were brought together in captivating, vintage-inspired, high-fashion ensembles. However, these designer earrings, handcrafted with vegan leather and 14K gold plated coins and accents, can easily be a statement on their own for your own formal and semi-formal events.

As Seen On Your TV

Stylists at popular Australian commercial television networks have embraced the ease with which Culturesse jewellery transitions from the runway to the workplace and suits women across the board. For instance, Channel 7 sports presenter and former AFLW player Abbey Holmes wore Culturesse’s Deanna Catwalk Diamante statement earrings on the red carpet for the Brownlow Medal in 2021. Boasting dozens of clear diamantes across a soft, musing curve, the Deanna earrings are a breathtaking way to add sophisticated sparkle to any outfit. Holmes has also worn the Ezra Sculpture open ring in silver when broadcasting live, easily adapting this high fashion piece for beachy, casual vibes.

Changing channels, Married At First Sight’s resident sexologist Alessandra Rampolla has been styled in Culturesse jewellery numerous times, with favourite pieces including the Ezra sculpture open ring in silver also, along with the Desdemona Jewel Embellished Baroque Pearl earrings, Romano Artisan open ring in silver and Esmerelda Luxury Baroque Pearl earrings in gold. Rampolla showcases how Culturesse’s fashion jewellery can be styled for all occasions, embracing the fun, flirty and fabulous goddess that every woman is. Sophisticated yet playful, it’s clear Culturesse is destined to become an even greater styling staple across Australia in 2022 and beyond.

How Will You Wear Culturesse?

With Culturesse, you can elevate any outfit, turning the mundane into an artwork with a few simple touches. Take advantage of one of Australia’s favourite styling secrets and try Culturesse’s fashion jewellery today.


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