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Australian Made Clothing for Tall Women

Australian Made Clothing for Taller Women

The founder and designer of Miss G and Me, Penni Lamprey, realised a need for beautiful, sustainable Australian made clothing for tall women, so she started a business to fill that niche.

Consider a collection of contemporary yet timeless clothing that tailors to the taller frame, and that's precisely what this Tasmanian business supplies.

Miss G and Me helps preserve the environment through the slower clothing movement producing high-quality garments made to last.

Miss G and Me creates clothes with more than an extra inch here and there:

  • Designed sleeves and legs

  • Fuller seats

  • Darts in the right places, and

  • Waistlines that are flattering to the taller silhouette

Being 184cm tall, Penni wanted to design and produce beautiful clothes that fit perfectly, benefit the environment, and ensure that workers are adequately compensated, receive all of their legal minimum entitlements, and work in safe conditions.


These tailored beauties are the tall pant we have yearned for and will take you from the workplace to errand running and out on the town in classic black and contemporary olive. The biggest question - flats, kicks or heels? Jil comes with full classic tailoring and Australian made quality.

Penni is 184cm and wearing a size 10 Jil Pant and small Vanilla Grace Bamboo tee.

Other garments include tops, jumpers, shoes, dresses and skirts, maternity and tall tweens!


Penni said, "As we move into garment production, we are receiving samples of fabric that use both the most recent and oldest fabric technology - bamboo blended with cotton is fascinating, as is the idea of plastic recycled and used in dresses. We know that some fabrics shrink, and the industry tolerance is 2-10%. We can play an active role in reducing the number of clothes that don't fit you after washing is to understand how much a garment changes in a wash and adjust the pattern accordingly. Then there will be more testing before mass production. We will tell you how much shrinkage you can expect if you follow the care instructions."

Miss G and M is a small business with big long-term dreams, with values such as:

  • Sourcing fabrics from reputable merchants

  • Production facilities will pay award wages

  • Packaging plastics will be minimal, preferably compostable

Clothing for tall women

The company would love to add the tag 'Ethical Clothing Australia" to the garments, but that is currently prohibitive due to the cost. They are, however, collaborating with accredited local textile, clothing, and footwear businesses that can display the tag.

Packaging is already 98 percent plastic-free, as are the postage bags for all Australian purchases - you'll notice they're home compostable!

**Because the Selena UGG boots require firmer plastic wrapping, recycled Austpost bags are used, as is the case with international shipping.


Miss G & Me has partnered with Sotos Syndrome Australasia to educate and boost public awareness of Sotos Syndrome. Sotos Syndrome is a genetic condition causing physical overgrowth during the first years of life. Children with Sotos Syndrome tend to grow quickly and are often taller and heavier than their peers.

All the clothing, accessories, and footwear are proudly Australian made.

For more information, visit


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