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Camping Solo: A How-To Guide & Checklist

Camping Solo: A How-To Guide & Checklist

Solo camping is a unique experience that everyone should encounter at least once in their lifetime.

If you are struggling to find a camping buddy and decided to go camping all by yourself, maybe that's for the best.

Organizing a trip with other people can be stressful and some people may cancel the trip at the last moment, among many other potential things.

Camping solo can bring calmness and tranquility that perhaps wouldn't be possible if someone accompanied you on your adventure.

Furthermore, it's a great way to reconnect with nature and escape from the speedy lifestyle that many people are living.

Regardless of the reasons for camping solo, there are things to know before going camping, and we have prepared a how-to guide & checklist for anyone interested.

First Time Camping?

If you don't have previous camping background, going camping for the first time all alone is a bad idea, since it can be challenging for much more skilled campers.

So it's best to "save" the solo camping for another occasion when you learn more about camping.

If you are interested in camping guides and hints, written by people with a tremendous camping experience that traveled all around the globe, make sure to visit Big Booty Fish to learn from the best.

Are you self-confident?

Even with some fundamental camping expertise, you have to be confident that your solo camping adventure will be a successful one.

Basic things such as navigating, building a tent, fire, dealing with potential injuries among many other things are minimum requirements for everyone going camping, but you have to realise that doing all of this all by yourself is more challenging than with someone assisting you.

possum noise camping

Get Mentally Prepared

Another significant thing to know is that you have to be mentally prepared for camping solo.

Your brain can play tricks with you, particularly during the nighttime, and there will be times where you'll get worried or even frightened, that perhaps a little racket you heard is a wild animal approaching you.

And believe us, while being alone in the wilderness, even the tiniest animal making noise can seem scary, especially when it's dark.

It's essential to slow your mind down and relax, or even talk to yourself in case you need assurance that everything is okay. Otherwise, you can start experiencing panic.

camping gear
Going Camping

Now that you are confident about your ability to go camping solo, there are still more things to consider.

Make a list of essential things that you'll bring with you.

Other than a tent, sleeping bag, and compass, additional things to bring are:

  • Protective clothing

  • Comfy footwear

  • Multi-tool

  • Handheld LED light

  • Additional batteries

  • Dehydrated food

  • Snacks and nuts

  • Water bottle

  • Waterproof bags

Make sure not to overpack and travel lightly, since you'll have to carry your stuff with you.

If possible, bring an action or a digital camera with you. That way, you can keep the memories of your solo adventure forever.

Hawks Nest NSW

Your safety should always be the priority during camping, especially if you are solo.

Make sure to let other people know about your plans and camping location(s) before you leave. Ideally, those locations shouldn't be too remote or extreme.

Get to know your locations and bring maps with you.

Always have some sort of emergency device, such as a GPS locator, a backup phone, or a Walkie-talkie.

Carry a mini survival kit with you with all essential things that hopefully you won't need.

The same applies to the basic first-aid kit.

You never know if and when things can go wrong, especially if you are camping in remote areas.

Summing Up

If you follow our guide and if you are confident about going camping solo, you can be sure that you'll have a great time and that you'll experience something that you'll remember forever. Who knows, perhaps you'll find something new about yourself during the time of seclusion in nature.


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