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Facebook Live Coaching for Retailers

Let's face it! Retail has been hit hard by COVID-19 and by the popularity of online shopping. For those who have had their doors closed after lockdowns, or have suffered with insufficient tourist trade due to travel restrictions, you most likely need a change of strategy. So read on and see how you can boost business by doing Facebook Live coaching for retailers with someone who has done it with great success.

Facebook Live Coaching for Retailers
Adrienne J. Francis at Vitamin Bead

I was recently chatting with Adrienne Francis, the owner of Vitamin Bead, a beautiful small boutique in Tea Gardens selling home decor, gifts, toiletries, jewellery and clothing. I've purchased a few treasures from Vitamin Bead myself and it's hard to resist when you walk past an exquisite shop like this on a daily basis. However, Tea Gardens is a tourist town, and when there are no tourists, there are no customers! In winter, and with the lockdown earlier this year in NSW, you can only imagine that it is not an ideal situation for retailers.

A few years ago, with reclining business in a seasonal tourist town, Adrienne realised something had to change, so she learnt everything she could about building a brand on Facebook, and producing more sales straight from the platform without spending a cent on advertising. Here's the other gem, some customers phone the store directly to place orders if they glimpsed something they like. Obviously, there is a lot to learn on how to do this, and engaging with your customers through Facebook. Much of Adrienne's success has come from Facebook live including live shopping events. Now, I am not suggesting you start jumping on Facebook Live, because let's face it; it's live, and things can go wrong, so you need to know what you are doing! You need a strategy.

With retailers in Melbourne, and other parts of the country suffering recent losses, Adrienne realised she could not only help them stay in business, but also gain more customers and sales through clever marketing on Facebook without paying advertising fees. With that thought in mind, she created a dedicated coaching course.

Spending time with Adrienne today, I realised that I could do better promoting my brand (which is not retail) by Facebook Live. And, I've been a social media marketer for yonks! I know, not good form.

With over 25 years in operating a retail business, Adrienne has learnt a thing or two.

Reach out to Adrienne if you are looking for guidance in attracting customers through Facebook without paying for advertising. You will learn how to drive people to your store both online and physically, and even have people contact you directly for orders via the phone or email.

Adrienne offers one-on-one and group coaching via Zoom.


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