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How to DIY Your Dream Summer Entertaining Space

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You may or may not have neglected your backyard during winter months, but it's time to bring your outdoor space out of hibernation. Whatever your goal may be, these DIY tips from HPM’s Lifestyle Expert Jason Neophytou will help you turn your backyard into a fun and useful outdoor entertainment space, to be enjoyed this summer.

Set the tone of your next garden party with flowing beats

No BBQ or pool party is complete without an amazing sound system and rolling tunes. Enjoy your favourite 80s rock band or the latest pop tracks from your outdoor entertaining area with the HPM Bluetooth Sound Diffusion Kit and forget the worry of battery life and connecting cords.

Keep Everything Organized And Assembled

People prefer when a space is organized and looking completely assembled. You can have all of the amenities and special aspects, but none of it will matter if it is all plotted down in a terrible mess. If you want to get a new and stylish Weber BBQ, for instance, you want to make sure that it is situated in a place that is perfect and that looks the part. Your seating area and other practical parts should also be plotted down in an effective and practical way. You don't have to be too strict with it, of course. Make sure you have an element of design and maturity to it all, though. This will impress so many people.

Add a splash of sparkle to your garden

Landscape lights are perfect for illuminating the lively plants and trees in the backyard of your home. If you have a flower garden you want to show off or simply want to illuminate any shadows cast by these natural plants in your front yard, you can install a variety of landscape lighting solutions. It’s important that you use outdoor spotlights that are specifically designed to weather the conditions. The HPM Cacto LED Bollard and the HPM Tuli LED Pond Spotlight are great to not only bring out the green in your garden but leave a green footprint too with their excellent energy usage.

How to update your patio

Give your outdoor furniture some TLC

Nothing perks up tired old outdoor furniture like a coat of fresh colour. A little TLC goes a long way. Rather than buying a whole new outdoor dining set, revive what you have with a fresh new colour. Grey is a great neutral choice that works perfectly as a backdrop to a thriving garden and summery tabletop accessories.

Keep guests cool in the Aussie heat

An umbrella not only makes your space look chic, it also provides some much-needed respite and protection from strong afternoon UV rays we get in Australia. Put one up near your dining table to keep cool while you eat or try a tilting umbrella that can easily be adjusted and moved depending on where you want the shade. If you have a covered outdoor space like a deck you could also install a ceiling fan, like HPM’s Inspire Sweep Fan.

how to brighten up your garden space

Add a pop of colour

To brighten up a backyard on a budget, plant some vibrant flowers in terracotta pots. If you’re in the mood for a bigger DIY project, you can decorate your pots with acrylic paint to compliment the colour scheme of your backyard or patio. To reduce the workload and save water, plant fewer but larger pots instead of multiple small pots. You can hook up a watering system on a timer to make them maintenance-free.

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