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How to Support Australia's Independent Businesses

How to Support Australia's Independent Businesses

Times are changing! Personally, as a web designer, I have seen many independent businesses flourish during the Covid era. Many employees of big corporations are waking up that there is a more excellent way to live life rather than trudging off to an office all day to make other people wealthy. Many of us call it the awakening.

Whilst big brands generate masses of profit, and only a tiny amount of this hefty sum actually makes its way to its working-class employees, so there's subsequently no community or moral benefit from funding such a mass hoarding of wealth.

Deciding to support Australian independent businesses will have a positive impact on the lives of many. Here are a few suggestions to make a change and help independent business owners in Australia.

Swap Your Cosmetics

Do you head to your local supermarket or franchise pharmacies to buy big brand makeup, haircare and skincare? By changing that way of shopping to support smaller businesses, you could make a difference in many ways.

Off-the-shelf options often contain harsh chemicals and fillers and environmentally harmful ingredients like plastic exfoliants - things like SLS's that are all too common in high street cosmetics do real damage to your body and the waterways that they enter. Alternatively, exploring a nationally sourced organic skincare range using natural Australian products will improve your skin and hair and allow you to support fellow hard-working Australians.

organic skincare

Buy Local Food

Globalisation has allowed the average person to explore foods and flavours worldwide, which has led to an enormous increase in the total mileage that the average dinner plate travels. Food miles are a huge contributing factor that worsens global warming, and Australians don't have to look elsewhere for produce when such a thriving farming culture exists right on their doorstep!

Finding local food from local farmers is such an ethical way to spend your money, as you'll be helping out some of the most valuable people around while cutting your carbon footprint at the same time.

local farmers

Big corporations are attempting to force local farmers out of the entire market, and independent businesses are suffering as a result. Only you have the power to make a difference by choosing the right stores to shop in, so find local food if you want to help your community.

I recently wrote an article featuring some tremendous independent businesses to support. They range from organic laundry powder delivered in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, gourmet food shopping, online farmers market and eco-friendly coffee pods. You can read the article here, and I use many of these companies myself (not the Sydney delivery because I'm not in that area).

I hope you join me in giving independent businesses a fair go.

Update: Since writing this blog I have launched an online store featuring jungle designs, it is called Everything Jungle and I'd love you to take a look.


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