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Make Your Car Adventure Ready by Upgrading It with these Must-Have Accessories

Few people get the chance to get off the beaten path and experience proper off-roading. Being ready determine whether this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience or a terrifying nightmare waiting to happen. If things go south, you can be far from the next town, and risks and hazards lurk around every corner.

Therefore, you must plan your journey carefully. It prepares you for the challenges that the road and the weather present.

Here are seven must-have add-ons for your car that prepare it for any adventure.

jeep in mud

1. Snorkel

Contrary to popular perception, snorkels are not used primarily during storm seasons to wade safely across creeks and streams. This is only one of their objectives. Perhaps even more crucial is the capacity to filter out dust and debris, which are abundant while off-roading and can clog filters and cause engine damage.

If you're in the market for a snorkel, look for one made of metal or reinforced plastic that can withstand high temperatures and corrosion.

2. Bull bar

Your rig needs proper frontal protection to traverse rough and smooth terrain safely. A complete, triple hoop bull bar spanning the vehicle's width will easily brush aside rocks, stumps, and debris. It also ensures no visible damage if you hit impromptu objects at full speed.

Bull bars have sufficient width to accommodate additional safety accessories. Side brush bars protect side panels from thorny bushes and branches, while bash plates keep the steering and suspension undamaged. Additionally, bull bars protect winches to help you get out of tight areas and attractive features such as an extra set of lights for enhanced visibility when the sun goes down. The best bull bars are made of high-quality steel, have corrosion coatings and strong welds, and are compatible with your vehicle.

3. Suspension kits with corresponding tyres

You'll need to upgrade the stock suspension if you want to drive through rough terrain. A lift kit increases ground clearance by a few centimetres, stiffens the ride, and promotes better wheel movement, resulting in enhanced road stability and holding. Due to the expanded approach and departure angles, you will not scrape the exhaust or underside in tighter spots.

Having a raised chassis also allows for the installation of larger wheels. Here, you should install tyres with off-road treads that dig deeper into the terrain for enhanced traction and grip.

4. Roof rack

Roof racks are a no-brainer for several reasons. Racks efficiently secure large items that do not fit inside the car or are too unclean to put inside. When off-roading, these 4x4 off-road accessories carry all additional trip supplies.

They are available in various layouts, styles, and sizes; therefore, you can customise the rack to your specifications. Remember that platforms like the land rover roof rack are ideal for longer and heavier items, whereas cages can fit solar panels, an extra wheel, larger tents, and camping equipment.

When in the market for a roof rack, look for aluminium racks suitable for your 4WD and have the necessary mounting gear. For rougher terrain, consider using off-road racks because they are tuned to absorb shock and maintain stability.

5. Recovery gear

However, if the extra height isn't enough and you've miscalculated the road, recovery gear is what pulls you out of the ruts. Installing winches on bull bars allows you to rescue a friend's or your 4WD in an emergency. The combination of a synthetic rope with a snatch block effectively doubles the pulling force of these winches.

Recovery points affixed to the chassis allow access for straps and shackles, while angles such as rear-mounted hitches provide more possibilities for recovering cars at an angle. When you're stuck in the mud or sand, use a shovel to clean the area around the tires, dig deep recovery tracks near the wheels, and get going.

6. LED's

When the sun goes down, you're left in complete darkness. And getting anywhere with the stock headlights will be challenging, and it also gets dangerous. Fortunately, installing custom driving lights near the grille, on the bull bar, or on the roof rack illuminate your path regardless of the situation (haze, dust, and flying debris).

LED light bars higher up offer flood and spot beams to illuminate the car's sides from greater distances and angles. When in the market, choose lights with durable metal housings, LED chips from reputable lighting suppliers, and insulated wire harnesses for quick setup.

7. Off-road trailer

If you want to spend many nights in the wild without setting up a tent, a small trailer with an off-road design is an excellent option. The comfort level is much higher, and trailers can come with extras that you would have to do without otherwise.

The suspension is strengthened, and the wheels are enlarged to handle pebbles, ruts, and deeper waterbeds. The drawbars are lengthened to prevent the trailer from detaching due to severe bumps. This is an excellent addition to your off-roading setup if you have the money for it, but it's not mandatory.



During a road trip, you'll spend a lot of time with your car as you travel from one location to the next. Installing adventure accessories that will keep you and your travelling companions comfortable and safe in the car is a great way to ensure everyone has a pleasant time.

We have examined a variety of vehicle accessories and gear that will make your car adventure-ready when required.


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