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RETURN TO THE GOLDEN AGE is the latest collection from Veluna Gems

RETURN TO THE GOLDEN AGE is the latest collection from Veluna Gems

RETURN TO THE GOLDEN AGE is the latest collection from Veluna Gems a fair trade, conscious jewellery label founded by fashion designer Sofia Ruggeri that fuses the raw healing energy of precious metals and gemstones with modern style for lovers of modern magic.

Sofia Ruggeri has collaborated with Sheike and Review, as well as a number of independent labels both in Australia and internationally. Sofia, an energetic healer, intuitively designs each collection and infuses each piece with her own healing energy.

RETURN TO THE GOLDEN AGE is inspired by New Age teachings about Atlantis, a continent thought to have been ruled by the Toltecs approximately 1 million years ago, and a period regarded in Theosophy as the most spiritual on Earth.

Fresh water pearls, a symbol of purity, wisdom, wealth, and integrity, take centre stage in the collection. The collection also includes tanzanite, green tourmaline, and rose quartz, which align the wearer to follow and trust their heart without reservation. The gemstones are set in sterling silver and fashioned into delicate necklaces, hoops, and rings.

Chakra pendants, handcrafted in sterling silver with the option of gold vermeil, are also a signature of this collection, each with its own unique symbol and matching stone to unblock and balance a specific chakra system. “Each crystal is carefully hand chosen for its vibrations, which I feel on a very knowing level,” Sofia said. “One of my favourite parts of the creation process is tuning into the crystals and it always fascinates me how those that I am drawn to in my design process are exactly what I am working through in my life. RETURN TO THE GOLDEN AGE harnesses the powerful energy of Atlantis at a time that I personally believe we are all collectively working through a transformative healing process.” Prices range from $39 for beautiful herkimer diamond friendship bracelets to $199 for Veluna’s statement pieces.


About the designer

With a background in fashion design, Sofia Ruggeri spent her early career designing clothing and accessories for some of Australia’s most established brands before launching her own fashion jewellery line. Soon after, she began wholesaling nationally and custom designing for major Australian retailers. After some time away from design and a journey abroad to find more inspiration, Veluna was born. Sofia’s design process evolved and she created using gemstones that she was drawn to, infusing the pieces with the healing energy that she has studied and practiced. Along this journey many gemstones have shown up on her path at different times to provide willpower, focus, protection, manifestation, awakening, truth and heart healing. These are the stones that are featured in her collections, combined with silver, copper and brass which hold beautiful energies in their own right. Veluna’s precious gemstones are sourced from a number of locations around the world and chosen for their mystical properties, which are brought to life in simple, unique and innovative designs with their own inspiring story.

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